Wife is feminizing me

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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Feb 15, by anonymous views 13 comments. I told Lara about my crossdressing when we first began dating and started to get serious. She told me that she knew all about it because my mother told her about it all saying she needed to know what she was getting into. Lara told me she suported me completely and was looking forward to helping me ,she said it would be so much fun.

Lara immediatly took charge and told me to throw all of my male underwear ,T shirts and socks away and we went shopping. I wear panties every day all day as well as girls socks. As soon as I get home from work I immediatly shower and Wife is feminizing me clothes,if she wants me to wear something girly she has an outfit laid out for me in the bedroom ,If not the choice is mine on what to wear but once I change into something feminine that is the way I remain for the rest of the day.

I have been a bit of a clean freak so I began doing the house work all on my own and Lara mentioned how I kept the house so clean telling me how I am a good little sissy maid and to show her happiness she bought me a satin lace and a PVC french maids outfit and I put one on before I do any kind of cleaning around the house. I love to get up on a day when we both have off ,put on a maids outfit and spend the day as my wifes little sissy maid. It never takes long to get all the house work done and I get to spend the rest of the day waiting on Lara like a good little sissy maid.

I'm a panty slave to my wife.

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At home it's lingerie, hose, panties, tights, leotards, leggings for me. I dress up and serve her friends too when they visit.

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Fuck normal relationships, so boring. My wife knew what she was getting into. I too is a cross dresser told her it started from my early teen watching my mom getting dress seeing all the sexy undergarment she was wearing caught my attention to try it on. I never stopped wearing it from that day. My mom knew about it and got used to me wearing girly things. My wife said if it make you feel good wear it.

On my birthday she surprise me with a set of breasts form tits and a fake vagina. She said I got flat chest if I want to look like a woman I need a set of tits. For the fake vagina, she said don't you want to show off your camel toe when we go out. She has a point, because I like wearing my yoga pants out in public and to show off my camel toe that just added more feminine looking.

Oh I didn't tell you I can past as female because of my slim body shape. Nothing wrong with that my current husband wears women clothing. He is nice, never get mad at me no matter what I did, very pleasant to be around, it show his feminine side I just love. My ex is an asshole all the way around. He will come up with his I am the man of the house and you will do as I said. What the fuck wrong with him so I left his ass. I am much happier with my current husband.

So what he cross dress I don't care. I rather be with a cross dresser than an asshole husband. Just like the OP my mom told my wife in the beginning I have this fetish if she don't like it she better stop seeing me.

My mom is seamstress working for this modeling company. I would go with her to work daily setting next to her work station. I see all these beautiful women got me interested in women clothing. I try them on as a kid, mom think is cute and I like the way it looks and feel soon after I start to wear some mom panties. Although is was too big for me but she went and got me some of my size. I was wearing girls panties at an early age. As I got older I couldn't stop myself wearing mom bras, slips, pantyhose among other things.

I was hook like people hook on drugs. I am still marry to the same woman after 20 years. I don't pass as a woman but I do wear woman things under my male clothing. Have had other women tell me they really like how it calms their husbands down. Wouldn't want them any other way. Once you start wearing panties, you won't be able to stop. I have tried many times. So true. I started wearing panties every now and then but I liked the way panties felt and fit on me so I threw all of my male underwear away Wife is feminizing me replaced them with panties.

It wasnt long before I had to try on a bra to see what that was like and before I knew it I had bought several more bras and it took off from there. Now the only time I wear pants and a shirt is when I am at work or visiting family and then I always wear a pretty bra and panties and have even started wearing womens pants and shirts.

As soon as I get home from work I shower ,shave and put on a skirt and top or a dress and feminize myself completely. This is true. I started wearing panties as. I can't stop and I don't want to. Once I'm off work it's complete dress up time!

Hair and makeup too! I bet you are really cute and sexy. I admire cross dressers. I was a crossdresser when I was young but my mom never knew. I told my wife before we got married. She did not like the idea Wife is feminizing me told me she did not care what i did when she was not around, I used to travel a lot so when I traveled for work I would dress while driving sometimes for multiple days. Use the ladies room eat in a restaurant etc. After 10 year the wife allowed me to wear panties now I wear them every day and a bra sometimes.

I also wear yoga pants and ladies shorts. If it is a piece of clothing that most people would not know is womens or mens then I wear it.

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I often wear dresses and skirts when she is not home. She knows and has seen the worn clothes before but I don't wear skirts or dresses around her. I do sleep in night shirts occasionally. I wish she allowed me to be the sissy maid. She will play for a week or so at a time letting me be the sissy maid but I have to be careful what i wear.

My wife asked me one day to be more helpful around the house. I always wanted to please her in any way possible, so I began by always dusting around the house on weekends and making the bed in the morning. She began praising me and telling me what a good job I did. She asked if I would do the dishes, I did and she liked that as well. The next thing she asked was for me to do the laundry. I don't know exactly why but doing all this housework seemed to please me. One evening while doing the laundry she walked in while I was separating her underwear from the rest and she asked if I liked them.

I told her I did and that she always looked very sexy wearing them. Then she asked me if I had ever tried on a pair, I admitted that I had Wife is feminizing me became very embarrassed. She told me not to be embarrassed and I should put on a pair right now. So I stripped and put on the pair I had been holding when she walked in. That was about six months ago and now I have my own collection of panties and other feminine attire which she likes me to wear when I'm at home. I only wear panties now but garter belts and stockings every weekend.

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She has introduced me to a couple of her girlfriends as her "sissy hubby" and had me show them the panties and stockings I was wearing under my jeans. Add comment as: Anonymous RawConfessions user required. If you are in need of help please contact people who care and please remember suicide is never the answer. International Suicide Helplines.

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Feminized husband Posted Feb 15, by anonymous views 13 comments. Related Confessions. Wife and her bull worked as a team to feminize me. Commented Feb 16, by anonymous I'm a panty slave to my wife. Reply 8. Commented Feb 16, by anonymous My wife knew what she was getting into. Reply 5. Commented Feb 16, by anonymous Nothing wrong with that my current husband wears women clothing. Reply 1. Commented Feb 21, by anonymous Just like the OP my mom told my wife in the beginning I have this fetish if she don't like it she better stop seeing me.

Reply 2. Watch him people. Reply 0. Commented Jan 7, by anonymous This is true.

Wife is feminizing me

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My wife wants to fully feminize me!