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Instead, the two of them get us out here in the middle of nowhere, then trek out to the lake together with their fishing poles and leave us here in camp alone. Sandi nodded.

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This had become a frequent subject of conversation between two of them. Both of them were angry about the sexual neglect of their husbands. Sandi was trying to enjoy the late afternoon sun but she was an emotional wreck. She had been yearning for sex for a long time but something about being out here in this natural, wooded area made her feel particularly erotic. It would be their fault. How can they blame Wife camping stories We have needs. The two of them are so selfish. Mandy laughed even harder. Mandy clapped her hands impulsively and giggled. We could switch their behinds bright red.

Sandi laughed. Just at that moment, two big powerful looking men emerged from the woods. They carried rifles and looked like lumberjacks. One man was bearded, wearing a red flannel shirt. The other man was clean-shaven, wearing a blue sweatshirt that highlighted his sparkling blue eyes. They were both muscular and stood well over six- foot-six. Soon, the four of them were talking, getting acquainted. He was a former Dallas Cowboy running back and still looked to be in top shape.

The bearded one, who immediately began a flirtatious exchange with Mandy, was called Les. He was a former boxer. But one thing led to another. Soon the four of them were sitting on the ground making out, their backs against the fallen tree. Sandi was kissing Wes. He had her top off, feeling her exposed tits, rough but not too rough. He was a great kisser. Beside them Les and Mandy were kissing too. She had his pants and jockey shorts down around his ankles and was playing with the biggest cock Sandi had ever seen.

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Sandi picked up Wife camping stories cue. Time stood still as the two of them kept kissing the hunters and working away on their rock-hard massive cocks. Sandi was in heaven. The hunters, now completely nude, stroked them expertly, stimulating their well-lubed vaginas, sliding their fingers in and out as the women moaned in ecstasy.

Suddenly Sandi began to come as Wes fingered her juicy pussy. And as she did, she heard Mandy loudly screaming with uncontrolled joy. It was all so naughty and sinful. But because it had been so long since a man had stroked or cared for her, the finger-fucking sweet as it was felt like just the beginning of what they needed.

Sandy looked toward the path where Ronny and Lonnie would be returning. She was glowing inside, feeling very wicked since Ronny could come into camp and catch her at any moment. The guys were controlling them so totally. I feel like fucking you till the cows Wife camping stories home. But what if our husbands catch us? Are you tingling like I am?

It was amazing. His rough, leathery face scratched and tickled the insides of her thighs. But his tongue was warm and soft. And he was using just the right amount of pressure. The contrast was driving her out of her mind. I could keep him between my legs for a week. But what are we going to do if Ronny and Lonnie come back and catch us? And just at that moment, the husbands stepped into the clearing and stared in shock at the sight of their wives being serviced by these two heavy hung studs.

Ronny stepped forward, his fists clenched. Finally Les spoke to Mandy. Wes laughed. Sandi felt her heart beating like a jack hammer. Wes turned to her. Les laughed. And suddenly, like lightning, Wes and Les grabbed the outraged husbands and began wrestling them down onto the ground. Sandi and Mandy sat up on the tree trunk, still nude, and watched in amazement as the hunters handled their spouses effortlessly.

Both women were amazed and Sandi was too intrigued to be embarrassed about how wet it was getting her to see the spectacle that was taking place in front of her. Wes had Ronny on his back, straddling his chest. Expertly, he reached back and, without even looking, peeled the belt right off his shorts.

Meanwhile, Les was sitting naked on the ground with Lonnie face up over his lap. Mandy too was getting very stoked. It was so fascinating. Wes made Ronny put his belt in his mouth too. Sandi had to admit that, for whatever bizarre reason, this was an incredible turn on. She knew she should say something or try to save her poor Ronny from this humiliation, but she found herself inexplicably laughing. He deserved this comeuppance. The two of them sat spellbound and watched as the strong, masculine hunters rode their hubbies around and around the unlit camp fire. Sandi felt free.

Mandy repeated her question. Sandi gasped at the sight. The girls were getting their revenge on their lazy, inattentive husbands — and they were getting it in the best possible way. Mandy laughed delightedly at her boldness. And soon the sounds of hard slaps were reverberating through the woods. Both women shot up off the tree trunk and hurried over each to her respective husband. After some discussion it was decided the girls should ride in front with the hunters behind them. She felt a sweet revenge knowing that Ronny could feel her wet pussy on his back. Wife camping stories was the start of a fun night.

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