Why do ex husbands bully

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Do you feel drained after every conversation, text, or with your ex? If so, you might be dealing with an emotional bully. For most of us, divorce is already a very emotionally difficult time.

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We're grieving the losses and loneliness. We're afraid we're not good enough and we even wonder if anyone will ever really love us. Leveraging these natural shame-based fears against us during divorce is exactly the tactic emotional bullies use. Emotional bullies manipulate through shame and blame. They're masters of creating even more misery during a time when we're already vulnerable.

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So, how do you know if your ex is an emotional bully? Here are three of their tactics and how to deal with them :. To deal with this type of bullying, you must do two things. First, remember you are always doing your best no matter what your ex thinks or says.

Second, you can respond with either silence or you might say something like, "Interesting perspective, but I disagree," and then this is the hard part leave it at that. Dealing with this type of behavior requires that you accept that the divorce disconnected the two of you.

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It's time to establish some healthy boundaries for yourself. This behavior exposes an emotional bully's Achilles heel—They also have huge fears about feeling disconnected and not good enough. Yup, deep down they harbour the same fears they're preying upon.

How ironic. In fact, they probably feel inferior to you. Knowing this, you can use appropriate praise to defuse potential blow ups. Of course, these tips seem easy to implement when you're in a peaceful place reading them. But, I know that when you're facing a bully, acting rationally isn't always what happens. Most of us want to defend ourselves or flee. Unfortunately, all both do is escalate or enable the situation. The best long-term defense against an emotional bully is to bolster your self-esteem.

The better you feel about yourself the less their behavior impacts you. Feeling good about yourself means you won't easily fall for your ex's tactics of shame and blame, taking their bullying power away. If they can't bully you, they'll need to interact with you differently. Hopefully, that will eventually include respect. Karen Finn is a divorce coach helping clients learn how to cope with divorce and navigate the chaos it brings. If you want help understanding what to do next, reach out to Karen by ing her at Karen drkarenfinn.

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Why do ex husbands bully

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