When do you know you re an alcoholic

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Call 1. Although the boundaries are fuzzy, issues with drinking are either classed as problem drinking or alcohol dependence. So while some of the warning s of alcoholism are technically s of problem drinking, there is a lot of overlap, and identifying either one is cause for concern. Here are 10 of the most important things to look out for in yourself or your loved one:.

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The latter five symptoms in particular are s of addiction rather than problem drinking. Are You an Alcoholic? Here are 10 of the most important things to look out for in yourself or your loved one: Lying About or Hiding Your Drinking — Denial is common with people having problems with alcohol, so both problem drinkers and alcoholics might drink secretively or lie about how much they drink to make it seem like less of an issue.

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Drinking to Relax or Feel Better — Almost all people struggling with addiction abuse their substance of choice for emotional reasons. Simply put, it means you drank way too much. If you find this happening to you or notice it happening to someone elseyou have to ask what is driving you to drink so excessively? Regularly taking those risks strongly implies that alcohol is the main priority in your life.

Alcohol has crossed the line from an occasional indulgence to something that seriously impacts your day-to-day functioning. These last two symptoms are general s of any addiction, and might mean that your issues are going beyond the problem-drinker stage.

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It means your body is exposed to alcohol regularly enough that it has adapted to cope with it better. Other s include having trouble sleeping, losing your appetite and experiencing shakiness or trembling. Trying to Quit but Being Unable to — If you have realized your drinking is becoming a problem or someone who cares about you has and tried to make a change but have been unsuccessful, you should seriously consider finding additional help.

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Call our free helpline now. Call Now 1. Call Now For a Free Consultation.

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