What is passion in love

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Just seeing your beloved can make your heart race, your legs weak and your face flushed. Touch him, and well…. Expect the passion to last two to three years at most, says Dr. Despite greeting cards and Valentines, your heart has nothing to do with love. Everything related to love happens in the brain, Nour said. That includes romance — programmed to be fairly short-lived for all of us.

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If you accept that, you'll have fewer divorces and more happy people. Much of it is unconscious, with instinct guiding you through the process, Nour said. We see people as we want them to be, not as they are. Enjoy it because these intense feelings will go away in a few short years, Nour said.

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This phase has an important purpose: It prepares you for true love down the road. Everyone goes through this stage, even the most adoring, passionate couples you know. In a culture that focuses almost solely on romantic love, it can be very alarming when you realize the rush is gone, the passion has vanished, and your spouse no longer makes your pulse race.

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Think of this time as a chance to see your partner for what he really is and decide if you made the right choice. If you feel that, overall, you made a pretty good choice… hang in there. People who chase romance and divorce the moment they fall out of love will never experience true love, he said. But if you truly realize you made a mistake, this may be the time to break up and start all over with a new partner.

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It happens gradually and slowly: You'll usually start to feel it one or two years after the phase. Your feelings will just continue to grow deeper over the years.

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The result is a happier, stronger and longer lasting relationship. This is the ultimate love.

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What Passionate Love Really Means