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The Crystal 1. It can be played online on his but, just like with the original predecessor, it is preferred to download, unzip and play offline. Some information about the game can be found at my blog entry:. Here is part one for version 1. As Latricia is not properly dressed, give her the dress that you ly bought at the town shop.

You can go in any room of the castle with her naked, she even sit naked on the throne! At the town inn.

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Look at most relevant Virtual date crystal walkthrough websites out of. As there are no parameters in the game influencing later situations you don't need scripting. This also means that you can the game from a deadlock situation if you remember the name of the multiple choice html file. Playing by the chart takes most of the fun out of the game. But it comes in handy when you want to check if you have found all possibiliities. If your government, religion or mother refuses you to play it you should follow that good advice. I never did and look what has become of me. If you are playing the game from your local folder, start it by double-clicking the knock.

The introduction is not as difficult as in ArianeB, just shake Crystal's hand, or: if you are in an adventurous mood, kiss her on the cheek. The find something to do link will show the different places in the house. Some will trigger a path that can be further explored, others are dead ends. This first walkthrough shows, in my opinion, Chaotic's very first attempts in making a dating game. It is still largely based upon the Virtual date leilani simulation and some situations are very familiar indeed. But let's get started, the following flowchart gives you the steps to go to the casino annex hotel.

A lot of obvious one-click-only-step-through scenes have been omitted, only situations were different decisions are involved are represented here. Unity Pro Crack Mac Photoshop. Probably you have found out by now that the red boxes represent dead ends, although not all red boxes immediately mean that the game comes to a halt.

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At startup you can easily go from room to room at Crystal's appartment but only 3 rooms contain links to carry on with the date. It is possbile to go to the bar at the casino and have a light drinkwithout harming the outcome just don't go for heavy drinks. You can also play the slots after the roulette. The first time you will lose, the second time you will win. Of course all dead ends carry their own images and situations. Going from the hotelroom to the east street will lead you to a bar, but Crystal is not into drinking.

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Going from the hotelroom to the west street will lead you into a strip club, but Crystal is not into stripping, yet. To go on with the date we must head to the shopping mall were we will buy some clothes and, how original! Crystal, have you noticed, likes black. Bribing her with clothes and fueling her with drinks will Virtual date leilani lead to a strip show at a nearby bar. Fuel Crystal with exactly 3 drinks and the game will lead to the strip bar, probably the most difficult part of the game. Making the wrong decision will end the simulation, so I have put the names of the html files in question, as it is possible with version 1.

After the strip show that still goes on a bit we are finally going to get our reward. Resetter Canon Mp P07 more. After the strip club Crystal is in a good mood. The end game offers satisfactory scenes in the elevator, in the corridor leading to the room and in the hotelroom itself. See if you can find all possibilities. Here are the Crystal v1. Semc S1 Unlock Tool Crack.

Virtual date leilani

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