Uee dating lee

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Formerly known as the visual member of the girl group After School, Uee is currently recognized as an actress.

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In one interview, Uee described that her ideal type is a man who does not have the double eyelids. In addition, she picked Gong Yoo and Rain as the male celebrities who are the closest match to what she is looking for in a man in terms of traits. So, keep on reading! The first male celebrity who was involved in a dating rumor with Uee is actor Joo Won.

Their excellent on-screen chemistry earned a positive reaction from the viewers who were eager to see them as a real couple.

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He quietly takes care of me on the side. He helps me memorize my lines too. Have you forgotten me? The second male celebrity whom Uee has been involved in a dating rumor with is actor Lee Sang-yoon. Sometimes they argue but the argument soon passes over.

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Their model-like looks are envied by many celebrities as well. The couple was also seen harmoniously when Lee Sang-yoon starred in On the Way to the Airport as Uee reportedly supported her boyfriend a lot, though jokingly said that he looks good together with his co-star actress Kim Ha-neul. Ecven though they are no longer lovers, Uee and Lee Sang-yoon remain as a good senior and junior in the entertainment industry for mutual support.

Finally, the most recent dating rumor that Uee has been involved in is with Kangnam, a member of the Korean hip-hop group M. I was so startled when I got a sudden phone call! Kangnam oppa Uee dating lee I got close during Laws of the Jungle. We have eaten meals together with the staff after the show ended but to say that we are dating from that makes me sad???? If I really start dating somebody, I will tell you!

Right now, is working time!!! Dispatch then came forward and released photos of Uee and Kangnam that show their affectionate moments after meeting up.

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Yuleum Entertainment specifically reasoned that they originally refuted the rumor because Uee did not want to cause harm to the upcoming drama Manhole that she is working on. On the other hand, RD Entertainment stated that the lovers have been dating for two months. I feel sorry towards Uee. Home Entertainment. Find Out the Details of Her Love Must Read. Sierra - July 12, 0. Jessica - June 5, 0.

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Uee dating lee

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