Tiger 1 matchmaking

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Jump to content. Percentage of vote: Also, the problem is more the tank than the tier. I could always be bottom tier in a T29 or an IS and it wouldn't bother me one bit. I would complain if I were in a tiger or a t20 because those tanks aren't front line fighters. The tiger is a heavy support tank even when angled and the t20 is obviously a med. The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself.

Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man. Original M60 Owner! If you ever catch yourself in a "fair" fight, you deserve to lose.

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One or two extra high tiers doesn't make much difference in pc as it does in blitz. I personally want WG to even out the tiers in matches. So there aren't any extra tiers, or extra low tier. Cameronians, on 26 May - AM, said:. I don't quite get the "why would Russia This is a tank arcade game, not a realistic WWII tank battle re-enactment. If it was, why would Russia fight alongside German tanks?? Again, this is not a realistic re-enactment game. That is just incredibly incredibly boring. The difference in tiers encourages strategy and diverse gameplay.

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Yes, they do sort by experience, negatively. At 25k games I know they do. It isn't fair, you wind up receiving all noobs for team mates regardless of tier. MM needs change The poll confirms that. You can support blitz all you want, but right now they aren't supporting you. Try winning with 6 noobs that die in the first minute of play I'm currently monitoring the of games Resulting in Right now it isn't pretty. Totally agree but I think they should Tiger 1 matchmaking replace mm but upgrade it so we can pick what tier bigger we want to go up against Tiger 1 matchmaking love to see luchs going against tierv10,tanks lol just to see how op they really are.

Community Forum Software by IP. Is Matchmaking Unfair? 2 of 3 Prev 1 2 3 Next. Poll: Matchmaking 62 members have cast votes You have to complete 5 battle in order to participate this poll. Does it need improvement? Yes 44 votes [ Show poll. If u start losing in one tank, switch to a different One. When u start to lose in that tank, switch to another.

If switching doesn't help, quit playing and spend some time on the forums. When u go back, if ur still losing, do something else for awhile and come back, it might just be a Bad time to play, lots of inexperienced folks on there. It happens, and the long timers here could probably tell u the best and worst times to play. At times like that, I don't have an answer. Quit playing for awhile, or play and rage. Well im tier 8 now so i dont really care anymore. Tier 10s arent that worrisome if u have some friends. Tonight is bullcr p for playing any tier other than X.

Especially 8. I haven't been top tier a single time without being in my TA or IS It's completely unfair. Mostly in the way it matches up. Idk what universe it is where 5 heavies and 2 tds is equal to 3tds and 3mediums and a light.

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Just going shot for shot you lose automatically because of the vast hp pool difference between teams. Especially the russian heavies. Hey if one team has an is6, and is3, and two kv4s, rebalance and split those 4 tanks up so they're fighting each other and not in one Derp squad. Same for 3 e75s. Split them up.

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So if you have two 6k players they get put on opposing teams. And balance that way to get each team to a evenish. When I'm low tier in a match, I play more of a support role. This weekend was brutal for my matching, I was grinding my IS3 and I was on bottom every bloody match. But hey, the higher tiers need support So help your team and spot for them etc! Its needed! To many ppl play for themselves versus playing for the team! When a team does its as a whole its great. Detecting Salt Level of OP. I personally don't feel the only motivation for mixing three tiers is lack of players.

I've tested this by bouncing around within three tiers and there have often been plenty of each tier in the very next lower or higher tier game I played. You can't honestly tell me that three tier 8's were placed with tier 6s due to a lack of tier 8s when the next game I play has six tier 8s, Tiger 1 matchmaking tier 7 and a tier 6. In the span of one game suddenly there are more tier 8s to be found? While I think the mixing partially has to do with filling games, I sincerely feel the real reason is it magnifies the need to use premium rounds and while this does not necessarily mean one has to spend actual gold, it certainly does increase gold sales and I believe this is the principal reason for mixing three tiers.

So if seen with this perspective, three tier mixes will never go away so just deal with it. Besides, it's a great opportunity to study how the higher tiers play, particularly from a spectator's view when you're dead. I personally like the MM as is. I care more about composition than tier disparity. Seeing four to five tds on one team while the Reds have five mediums is beyond infuriating.

Being at the bottom of the MM tier just means you have to be patient and smart. Look at it like this Heres my suggestion. Quit complaining about dam MM. Had this game in a tier 8 match with a m6 Spoiler. Like why would russia use an is3 when they have an is7 example. Tiger 1 matchmaking, Yes, they do sort by experience, negatively. I drive a Tiger 1 and T20, and I usually end up with tier nines. A tiger or t20 can't even fire a shot before it is dead in these matches.

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Therefore, I have a request for the Devs. Please revise the matchmaking to make it more fun to play. I find that I play blitz less now because of the matchmaking. The same problems described above is experienced across all tiers, including tier six, where I drive my VK Not exactly fun Back to General Discussion.

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Tiger 1 matchmaking

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