Things woman like to hear

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A first date is already full of pressure. How do you look?

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What does she think? Will she order the most expensive thing on the menu? Even better, make time before the date to practice saying the right things. When you go on a date, have an idea about the things women like to hear on the first date. Here are the top five things women like to hear on the first date. This phrase lets a girl know that you had a good time, enjoyed her company and have intentions of doing it again. She may be looking for s from you that you liked her! If you feel a connection with the woman, this could be the time to tell her how you feel.

However, be honest. If you say that and then ghost her, she may feel hurt and like she did something wrong. But in the awkward circumstance that the topic does come up, support your date. Sometimes you need to let the woman talk. She might have had weird dates before. She will have stories that she may want to share with you. If a woman is sharing these types of things with you, then that is a she feels comfortable with you. There could be things that are relationship deal breaker for the woman, and stories of exes might clue you in on those dealbreakers. She feels that she can open up to you and let you know the different struggles she has been through.

He let her leave? There was a whole huge social movement built around this fact. It is called feminism, but you might not want to bring up that politically charged word on the first date before you know each other. A woman loves to hear a compliment, so this is one of the things women like to hear on a first date. She wants to know that you are watching what she is doing.

When you say it, sound genuine. She will know if you are being sarcastic or rude. Say it to her if she is talking about a job, her hobbies or anything else she Things woman like to hear be interested in and you can tell she has skill with. Let her know that you are listening by talking about her interests. She will be impressed by your listening skills and your compliments.

So, whether you take her to play pool or miniature golf or even just witness her making an educated wine choice, let her know how well she did it. They have bodies, yes, but they also have minds. So, ask your date her opinion on something. Engage her in a conversation about something you like.

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Then engage in a conversation about something she likes. When talking to a woman, you want to have a legitimate conversation with her. Ask her what types of dates she would like to go on, how she feels about the weather or anything else you can think of. Asking her what she thinks about a certain topic will make her think that you care about her opinion. Once a woman tells you her opinion, you can carry on a conversation from there. You will get to see if you have a connection or not. Women want to have a voice too, so treat her with the respect she deserves by asking what her opinion is.

No, not that L word. Telling a girl that you love her on the first date is going to send her running for the nearest cab.

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You do not want to tell her that you love her yet. This may be too soon for the first date, but women do not like games. They want to make sure that they have a real chance with you, so clear communication about your feelings is one of the things women like to hear on the first date. If you voice to her that you like to spend time with her, she will appreciate the honesty. Do not say it if you do not feel a connection. This is mean and can hurt her feelings. She will likely be feeling nervous too. Remember to compliment her if you feel the need to, be yourself and have a good time.

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Make it natural! Must Read.

Things woman like to hear

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Top 5 Things Women Like to Hear on the First Date