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Welcome to this ! I work in a field that combines Stargazing london ontario space science, geography, and geological analyses. In particular, I use a combination of spatial location based and spectral light interaction data collected from satellite missions to determine the geological history of planetary surfaces. This analysis is possible using remote sensing and cartographic GIS techniques. ly, my research topics have focused on characterizing the morphologies of impact craters on several planetary bodies Earth, Moon, Venus using data fusion techniques.

Beyond research, I love to communicate the marvels of space science with the general public through outreach and education initiatives visit Indus Space for more details. Tested the effectiveness in utilizing remotely derived datasets in identifying impact generated modifications on the target surface, and structural atures of impact craters. Investigated the emplacement mechanisms of impact generated deposits from a spatial and spectral perspective on several complex craters with variable central uplift morphologies. Worked as a GIS specialist for the research group.

Created map products using GIS software, compiled and maintained various geographic and geological datasets pertinent to the study area, and provided technical support for data analyses to group members.

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Participated in the site selection process for several lunar analogue human-sortie and rover deployment scenarios. Managed the GIS visualization for the scientific team. Provided support for mission planning in the form of data compilation and data visualization.

Compiled publicly accessible high resolution lunar mission data. Generated topographic products for analyses and 3D products for sites of interest.

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Conducted spatial analysis to determine sites that met key mission goals. Planned and coordinated several meetings; recorded meeting minutes; coordinated the site selection workshop where data geospatial data was displayed using ArcGIS, and provided science input during the site visit. Investigated the global distribution of a subset of circular coronae on Venus. Compared the morphologies of circular lows with other geological features on Venus with emphasis on structural and spatial characteristics. Co-instructed a planetary GIS and Remote Sensing short course, introducing basic GIS principles in a planetary context to graduate students and industry participants 15 participants in total.

Participated as an outreach teaching assistant, presenting space-themed inquiry labs and 10 single period space science presentations at local middle- and high-schools within the London School District Board. Developed mapping themed space labs in participation with local high school teachers to meet Ontario Science curriculum.

Teaching Assistant for two Dept. Between - In Dec. Gave an invited talk to high school students at the annual LEVY conference on pursuing Planetary Science as a career in Canada in Served as career panellist during the annual Youth Leadership conference.

In Toronto, ON Canada. In Feel free to add these as your favourite bookmarks Stargazing london ontario

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Minor in Geography. Bhairavi Shankar. Space Scientist exploring planetary surfaces using Satellite acquired data.

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Go Back. Stargazing in Ontario. View this on Google maps! More Details. Looking for an ideal area to view some stars Stargazing london ontario catch a long glimpse of the night sky? View this map and check out the closest location to you. I really recommend you either contact a local RASC Centre amateur astronomy organization or Google about what events are slated at that location.

Research Skills. Technical Skills. Research Experience. Presented findings in 8 conference presentations, and co-authored several journal publications. Planetary Scientist. Prepared 2 contract reports and several visualization products in 2D and 3D. Project Manager. Co-authored 5 contract reports, and 6 contract presentations. Presented findings in 4 conference proceedings. Short Course Co-instructor. Teaching Assistant. Outreach Participation. Media and Outreach. Rogers Media London : for Intl. Observe the Moon Night. Soapbox Science.

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. Outreach Subcommittee, providing astronomy public outreach at the David Dunlap Observatory. Invited talk about the Lunar Farside to the Toronto Centre members.

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In Oct. Outreach assistant teaching inquiry based labs in high schools. Outreach Participant for Space Camp. Canadian Lunar Research Network. Royal Ontario Museum. Sringeri Vidya Bharati Foundation.

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Highlights from public outreach events and scientific participation! Geological Sciences Planetary Science Geological Sciences Planetary Science Contact Me. Connect via. Create a site with.

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Stargazing london ontario

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