Signs husband is depressed

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Karen S. She no longer enjoyed her favorite activities, preferring to spend weekends sleeping in and watching TV. Their sex life was nonexistent. A few months later, Karen's doctor diagnosed her with depression. If you experience five or more symptoms for at least two weeks, you could have clinical depressionalso known as major depression.

Plus, we asked therapists for their best strategies to help you and your partner survive depression together. Your sex drive tanks. When your mood plummets, it usually takes libido with it, says Paz. What you can do: Explain that it really is you, not him. If your doctor recommends antidepressantsask if you can take medication that will alleviate symptoms without dulling your sex drive even more.

What your partner can do for you: Focus on being close without any expectations about the outcome. Others have sex anyway. You squabble more. Are you nagging Signs husband is depressed, or acting short-tempered, impatient and cynical, which le to fights?

What you can do: Acknowledge that your mood is affecting your behavior. And give him permission to remove himself from the fight, says Bonior. Instead, he should look for ways to diffuse situations before they blow up. Depression makes you want to withdraw into your own island of despair.

While that may be all you can manage, eventually even the most devoted partner will get cabin fever and resent your diminishing social life.

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Giving up hobbies and not keeping up with friendships hurts relationships. What you can do: Find an activity outside the house that brings you joy. Gardening, yoga, talking a walk, listening to music, laughing with a friend. What your partner can do for you: Look for opportunities to take you out even for a short time. A midday movie could be a good choice. It worked for a client of psychologist Stephanie Newman, Ph. What you can do: Instead of getting overwhelmed by the process, take baby steps. What your partner can do for you: Convey support, not criticism.

Preparing a soothing bath filled with your favorite scented oils and offering to wash your hair: supportive. Also, some comfy, yet fashionable clothes, such as yoga pants, would make a great feel-good gift, suggests Paz. Either way, dealing with the situation now can create an even better relationship once the fog lifts. Check out Health Bistro for more healthy food for thought.

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Signs husband is depressed

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Relationship depression: How to cope