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Monday at Killeam Country Club. Lunch will be provided by Sonns Bar-B-Que. Proceeds will be used to send local burn survivors age 6 to 18 to camp in Cape San Bias. Bring a smoke alarm to donate. Call The seminar will cover all the details of the mortgage process, including correcting credit problems, creating a workable budget and developing a financial plan.

Bankers and credit counselors will be on hand to do pre-qualifications and credit checks. At the end of the workshop, participants will be awarded certificates of completion.

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Local lending institu. The showcase will include food and arts-and-crafts vendors, games, banking and housing information, free smoke alarms and concerts. Call Stella Ward at The day will include workshops and entertainment will be provided by flutist and cellist Kimberly Walker, and there will be a fashion show and door prizes from local businesses. Proceeds will go to a college scholarship fund for local girls.

Call Sharon Wilharm at Feeding fit kids: Many parents limit the amount of "sugar" in their children's diets, but what about dextrose, fruit-juice concentrate and malt syrup? They are forms of added sugar in foods found in most family pantries. Behan breaks down sweets into the of everyday choices, sometimes choices and occasional choices based on calories, fat and sugar.

Here are some of her suggestions: Everyday choices: animal crackers, fig bars, gingersnaps, nonfat frozen yogurt, ice milk, ice pops, angel food cake, jelly beans and lollipops.

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Sometime choices: cereal or granola bars, toaster pastries, sherbet, sorbet, gingerbread cake, pound cake, fruit crisps, candied and frosted cereals, fruit punch, sports drinks and sweetened ice tea. Occasional choices: brownies, shortbread, premium ice cream, cheesecake, fruit and cream pies, frosted cakes and cupcakes, chocolate candy, soda and diet soda.

We're at a roller rink for his sixth-birthday party, skating Shy Tallahassee and skinny girly and around, hot air whizzing past our faces, "Ride Wit Me" by Nelly blaring over the speakers. I'm in heaven. I love gliding over the floor to the rhythm of the song, smelling sweat and old skates, seeing the lights dim during "Couples Only," giggling during the hokeypokey.

For me, skating is a legacy. In a family splintered by distance and lifestyle, it's one of the few activities that span three generations. We don't own family land. We don't share family recipes. We don't even celebrate the same religious holidays. But we have the experience of skating, a thin thread that winds through the years, loosely binding our disparate lives.

My parents met at a Chicago roller rink in They were 15 years old. My shy father eyed my mother from afar, noticing the skinny girl with long, dark hair wearing a white blouse and dark skirt. Finally, he asked her to skate. She accepted. But later, when he offered to drive her home, she refused. It wasn't until a week later that she agreed to let him as long as her friend Darlene could go, too. It was winter and the ro were icy.

While my mom and Darlene jabbered away, my father struggled to keep control of the car. Would he get in an accident? Would he get her home on time? The car literally slid down the streets. He could see other cars that were already turned sideways. When he finally dropped her at her doorstep, he breathed a sigh of relief. He told me this story for the first time several years ago, when I was taping an interview with him for a family history project. My parents are not prone to telling stories especially about themselves. I was glad I pried this one out of him. During their next several years of dating, my parents went skating every week.

After they married and my two sisters and I were born, my mom would take us skating often. Pete Stark and actor Tony Randall.

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By Dsa C. At 69, U. Pete Stark, D-Calif. Not everyone is offering congratulations. Older men fathering children is nothing new. The Bible even promotes fatherhood at an advanced age. Yet each new example whether it's the recent political papas or celebrities such as Tony Randall or Clint Eastwood continues to arch eyebrows, generate cubicle chatter and unleash a flood of impassioned calls to talk radio.

The prospect of an older man with a son or daughter that could well be his grandchild or great-grandchild touches on sensitive issues such as sex, arrogance, trophy wives and death. It rattles the aennp rf whnt in nrnmr nnd J r to be a Negative reactions abound when an older man fathers a baby expected at each stage of life. But many psychologists say there are trade-offs to having children at any age.

A young father might have more stamina, for example, but he also might be more distracted by trying to make his name in his profession. An older father might have less energy, but he might be more patient and financially stable. If he neglected his children the first time around, maybe he won't want to make the same mistake. However, many people remain caught up in the stereotypes of older fathers and the level of vitriol Beems to rise in oroDortion to the elevating age of the father.

Psychologists who study parenting can rattle off a of reasons that people feel uncomfortable with the notion of older fathers. For one thing, it forces some people's minds to go to places they may not want them to go. If an older man is about to havethat must mean he is having sex. People seem to tolerate hearing about the problems older men have with their digestion or their prostate, but few people want to think of an Shy Tallahassee and skinny girly codger" having an active intimate life. Then there's the issue of whom these graying, wrinkled men are having sex with usually youthful second or third wives or girlfriends.

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Some of the men have grown children who are older than their mates. Then, the inevitable concerns as years pass: How -is Dad going to throw a football with an arthritic arm? How will he chase after an energetic child as he hobbles with his cane? Not far behind is the morbid fear. The older the father, the sooner the connection with the child is likely to be severed.

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