Rules for dating a ballet dancer

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in. Many ballet dancers are unhealthy because of the pressure to look at certain way. Have you ever heard of a professional ballet dancer who warns others not to hanker after perfectionism for the sake of their own health and joyful living? Or have you ever been subscribed to a successful blogger on Instagram that advises to limit social media pastime and hang out more IRL? Alexandra Pullen has traveled all over the world with American Ballet Theatre and performed on grand stages one can only dream of.

Toda yshe teaches little girls ballet and yoga even some meditation, who could have imagined children would love it! I started dancing when I was five. What I love the most about ballet is freedom, being able to express your emotions with your body on a stage, and the moment when your hard work pays off. As well as wearing costumes, beauty, and the glamour. I would say that the hard Rules for dating a ballet dancer is everything else : your goal is to be perfect, but perfection is impossible — so this feeling that you have to be more and better is always with you no matter what you accomplish.

Being in a professional company was very restrictive for me as an artist. I think the key for me is to find a balance in my mind and spirit because ballet is my entire life, and it can be so consuming. My life as a ballet dancer with American Ballet Theatre was very harsh. In a field like ballet, modelling, or acting there is a pressure to look at certain wayso a lot of times dancers are mentally and physically unhealthy, in terms of eating disorders. I called my Insta Healthy Ballerina because I wanted to be both: healthy and a ballerina, and while uncommon — I knew it was possible.

When I started my blogI was dancing in New York. We had the Met Season in Lincoln Center we had been looking forward to all year. I started an Instagram and posted about healthy food and meditation — all sorts of wellness stuff because I wanted to heal my injury from a holistic approach.

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First, it began just as a fun thing to do, but soon I began acquiring a lot of followers and started to build a community of like-minded people. This helped me so much! To this day, I hear my ballet teacher screaming at me in my head; it stuck with me. Teachers wanted to make students feel so bad about themselves that they would want to prove their worth through improving their techniquewhich is insane. There is an idea that you have to suffer in order to get better. This approach made me good at ballet, though unhappy internally.

It did a lot of damage. At what cost? Being an excellent dancer at the cost of being unhappy and having to relearn and unlearn all that bad stuff. Dancing is supposed to be expressing your soul through your body, not some kind of a militant thing. I want to affect students in a positive way. It makes them happier and like themselves and the process more. So why not impose it?! In the peak of my career as a professional ballerina, I was working full-time, I was living a dream, but I was so unhappy at the same time. Now things are different for me! My mornings are very sacred to me.

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I wake up, drink a glass of water, take probiotic, then get ready. I like to be quiet keep to myself. Then I teach yoga. After that I go to ballet class. Meditating and being diligent about eating wellgetting enough sleep, drinking water, moving my body are all expressions for self-care. Naturally being neurotic, I catch myself on repetitive thoughts.

Before I cultivated a meditation practice, I was repeatedly thinking of things that were not very productive to think of over and over again. I wanted to figure out a way to rewire my brainand meditation has been really helpful. Practicing thinking in a different way changes thought loops in your brain.

You can actually change your neurofeedback. You have the power to change your reality with your mind.

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Ballet dancers are extreme athletes. Since I took a break from ballet for three years, I needed to unwind mentally from it, so I started teaching yoga. Sometimes, I put some yoga into my ballet class. Their imagination is so free and uninhabited! I think the world would be a much better place if everyone had a yoga practice.

It made me nicer and a better person to be around. It was very hard for me to make friends when I was in school because my whole life was ballet. I went to school only half a day; then I left to train. If you wanna be good at dancing, you have to sacrifice your social life for a while. Social media causes a constant feeling of comparing yourself to others. I recently did that, and it was really helpful to be aware of how much time I spent there.

Finding a balance literally in everything is my approach to wellness. Moderation is way healthier than just to forbid yourself to do something completely. Nowadays, I get a lot of questions, e. If you really accept and love yourself, you will be unstoppable. In our society, everything is deed to make you feel that you need to change in so many different ways to be accepted. Industries profit off of our insecurities. You are perfect exactly as you are! You are loved and you are important. Own that and everything will fall into place. UX writer. Amateur figure skater. Appreciate life Rules for dating a ballet dancer believe in the cloudless future of our planet.

Get started. Open in app. Alice Melody. in Get started. Get started Open in app. Ballet is freedom. And a burden of perfectionism I started dancing when I was five. How to find a balance in a harsh environment I think the key for me is to find a balance in my mind and spirit because ballet is my entire life, and it can be so consuming. More from Alice Melody Follow. More From Medium. Feeling Behind in life? Niko Hartman. The Cake. Frank Shaw. Learning Strategy.

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Rules for dating a ballet dancer

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