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Some features on this site require a subscription. Nacho on the left, Rocco on the right. Both legends in the porn biz. Nacho even appeared in some non-sex roles in gay porn. Rocco said he was "shocked" by Vidal's sexual kinks. I cant even imagine. It's frankly a miracle he's still alive.

So how did Nacho Vidal get it and is the rumor true that he has had it for years? Well not according to Rocco. According to Rocco, he thinks he caught it in the last 3 weeks the piece was posted in early Feb from a transsexual.

Are you terrified in Budapest? Nacho has just returned from Colombia, he discovered he had HIV with the new tests and if he had not done so maybe gave it to another people. Here are nine girls who have just worked with him, they are terrified because the incubation period is still long.

His on-screen and off-screen partners are sweating bullets. What could have happened? For example, syphilis has come back into fashion in the past three or four years. And how are you? R NO, they are in fact legends of porn, probably two of the most popular actors ever on straight porn of course. Nacho has been a drug addict for a while and has looks haggard as well and also apparently does trannies in his personal life. He work with some American performers within the last 6 months so they're being cautious here too. He didn't have an easy childhood. His family were rich really early in his life and nearly lost everything.

There was some incest between Nacho and his older sisters - they had him perform oral sex on them when they were young. One of his sisters ended up in jail and two of his brothers had bad drug problems as well. As for legends, they're pretty known in the porn industry especially Rocco.

You wouldn't really know about them unless you're familiar with straight porn or live Rocco siffredi hiv their native countries, where they are at celebrity level. Rocco loves things done to his ass. And he has a real sadistic streak towards women I saw one where he kept dunking a woman's head in the toilet bowl. Rocco was one of the most beautiful men to ever film porn. R20's Hakan is amazingly gorgeous, too. I'm totally gay, but I know who they are. I don't know why Rocco is sharing Nacho's private information, though.

In his 80s and 90s stuff he wasn't abusive to women then. He was a passionate and aggressive fucker even then though. Most women liked working with him then. Nacho status was already leaked to the Spanish press and was all over the internet before Rocco commented on it. He didn't out him. In an interview a Rocco siffredi hiv time ago, Rocco talked about Herpes nonchalantly and said that all adult performers have it, and it's no big deal, you just have to reschedule shoots around it once in awhile.

That's a pretty scary thing to say about an industry that prizes itself on its ability to recruit "barely legal" performers. Condoms don't provide full protection against Herpes, but they're better than nothing. However, performers are discouraged from using them.

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Nacho must've been desperate for drug money when did this scene. He fucked a fat chick with terrible ass acne. But Rocco was beautiful and has a gorgeous cock which I jerked off to in the 90s when I got ahold of a straight, hardcore porn magazine. Hakan Serbes is apparently a German performer of Turkish descent. He's shown in R52'a video. He actually seems sort of sweet in his videos he has a lot.

Rocco is and always has been a freak who gets off on hurting women, that documentary just confirmed what most people already knew.

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Oh lordy. You old queens with your ignorance and hand wringing.

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As for himself, his porn is over but he was already quite old. And getting HIV in isn't such a big deal, especially an infection identified right away. He will be fine. I think the guys that perform in the rough, Rocco siffredi hiv scenes can get very jaded and turn to other areas to get off, like men and trannies. Several female porn stars have stated this in interviews. Then there are they ones that will fuck men for money.

They can command a higher rate than your average escort or gay porn star escort and not nearly have to do as much sexually as they would. Some just allow themselves to be serviced, or top at most. Rocco blamed his dabbling with men and trannies on sex addiction. This was fairly recently when he "got out of control" like he Rocco siffredi hiv it.

He's probably done thousands of women and nearly every type of sex act possible, and he has a very attractive wife at home. I love how he blames the rise of syphilis on immigrants. Being a whore has little to do with it I suppose. Why aren't women in porn being called out for being idiots and reckless, having unprotected sex at any given time?

Bullshit that you're waiting around for some guy's STD status. My agent assured me this that their tests are withing two weeks! Are Rocco or Nacho bisexual? I heard a stat that about 30 percent of men in porn, gay or straight are bisexual. I can't remember where I saw it, but that's what they said. I do get a bi vibe from some straight porn actors. Are you lost? This thread is about Nacho testing positive.

As of yet, none of his scene partners have been confirmed as testing positive. Who are these women you're railing against? R48 IAFD. I'm sure there is a fair amount of his European work not listed both video and magazine - they don't even cover magazine work at all. Plus he's admitted he was a callboy for older women in Italy before porn and was very sexually active otherwise before porn too. And that's not counting his off camera sex partners since then. By any almost any persons standards, he's had huge amount of sex partners.

R50 Good point. Most female porn stars also escort, and some of them do bareback with their johns. Not all require testing from the johns either.

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They aren't derided like say crossover male stars are. There is one current popular female porn star that is very recklessly escorting, but no one really calls her out on or she hasn't had any real career backlash yet. Has any female pornstar falsified her test like Mr Marcus did so he could work while testing positive for syphillis? I would have thought there'd be more solidarity. Women and bottoms are more at risk as receptive partners. It's funny how some DLers will bend over backwards to explain away sexual behaviour that doesn't fit into their box.

Nacho probably likes getting dicked down with some titties on his back. There doesn't have to be an explanation for it any more than there has to be one for the poster upthread who liked to jerk off to Rocco pictorials. R56 She hasn't tested positive I'm not criticizing the ones that are escorting responsibly. Just the wreckless ones who will bareback with untested johns. I was pointing out the hypocrisy of them getting very little criticism compared to male performers who have done gay porn and have crossed over.

They get criticism even if they've used condoms, or were on prep or were regularly tested. But if female pornstars were bringing STIs into the the porn scene, it would show up on their tests. I agree that there's homophobia at play with how male crossover performers are treated. But the gay side has a different history with regards to testing. I still have the dvds, the gay bottom is almost always pushed around and humiliated - very hot. Nacho, at least on film, never appeared in scenes with gay, bi- Rocco siffredi hiv trans men. If someone tests positive for something like gonorrhea or chlamydia, it's rarely even disclosed to the public or made a big deal of unless the person makes that info public, it's just considered a part of the job.

No one would know if the person caught it from doing a scene or from escorting. Plus then there are things they don't even test for like Herpes and HPV, which are very common within the business on both sides. It's possible to contract those even if the person isn't having an outbreak and with a condom. That kind of homophobia is trans to me. The Trans-spectrum is like the Kinsey Scale. Well they've both been known to get down with the guys so I have to assume Nacho has let men raw dog him in the past.

The only way he "caught it from a transsexual" is if the tranny Rocco siffredi hiv had a dick and he let the thing fuck him in the ass raw. There is a vid of Rocco vs James Deen vs Nacho where it is about who is the roughest. Just watched it when I googled Nacho and Rocco after seeing this thread.

Those are some rough scenes.

Rocco siffredi hiv

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Rocco Siffredi confirms it – Nacho Vidal is HIV+