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Friend Finder allows you to check on the whereabouts of your friends and family members with their consent anytime and anywhere. Once downloaded, you will be required to key in your mobile for verification purpose. Upon successful verification, you will be directed to the Friend Finder main .

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You can use both SMS and mobile app at the same time or interchangeably after you activate the service. You may search for your contacts from U Mobile, Maxis and Digi who have given you their consent to share their location with you.

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You have the option to either accept or reject the request. If you accept the request, your friend will be able to obtain your location update as and when required. No, there will be no impact. Users can continue to use the App to do a search. Charges will be based on every successful search. Friend Finder Keep track of friends and family anytime, anywhere. Keep track of family and loved ones How to use Friend Finder via App.

To accept a request: Send OK to Note: Each location request sent to will be charged RM0. Each successful location tracked will be charged RM0. No charges imposed for failure to find the requested location.

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Other useful functions. Please select:. Find friends via mobile or nickname Find multiple friends Allow friends to access your location Send your location to friends List of friends whose location you can access List of friends who can access your location Cancel the Friend Finder service Delete a friend from your Friend List Delete a friend from your OK List Hide your location information access to your location Block a friend in your OK List Unblock a friend in your OK List. Send LIST to What is the Friend Finder service?

Do I need to up on both channels to enable the service? How much will I be charged for locating my friends? Each successful search will be charged RM0. Who can I search for on Friend Finder? Does the service require both parties to turn on the App for tracking? No, only the Friend Finder user the seeker will need to enable the App. I am being asked to give consent for the Friend Finder service. What should I do? It is just a different method of accessing the Friend Finder service.

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Easy Steps to Use the New Facebook Friend Finder