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Being back has been harder than I thought. I don't know why I let you drag me to this thing. The girls here are practically foaming at the mouth over prom. And here I was, under the impression that Longbourn girls had class. Silly me. Charles laughed. You've clearly let all that English rain dampen your spirits. How could you say that about my sister And what about Jane's friend Lizzie? You should ask her to dance. Darcy groaned. Did you know she's a scholarship student? Really, Charles? I went to London to get away from --". A flurry of girls heading to the ladies' room blocked the view of my hiding place for a second, so I took the opportunity to walk away.

I didn't want to hear another word. I stayed along the border of the hall until Will Darcy had left and the exit was clear. I couldn't believe that he had so much open hatred for the unrich. Silly me for thinking, even for that short moment while he was helping me, that he was any different from anyone else around here. I was worried about you. I got coffee on your dress. Actually, Cat de Bourgh got coffee on your dress. Or, even more accurately, Cat wanted to get coffee on me, and your dress got in the Prom and prejudice read online.

However you look at it, I had a really bad night. Jane sat on my bed. I care about you. Are you okay? I nodded. I didn't have the energy to tell her about Darcy. Plus, I was positive Jane's evening had been the opposite of mine. Her face was glowing. The glow turned into a blaze. We spent the entire evening together. He wanted to hear every detail about my holidays. He didn't even shy away about what happened with my dad. A laugh escaped my throat.

I know you only see the good in people, but seriously, Jane. That guy is so full of himself. Plus, I overheard him telling Charles that he basically went away to London to get away from scholarship. I promise you this -- I am more than willing to go out and get to know Charles. In fact, I look forward to it. But I make no promises when it comes to Will Darcy. Unless someone can promise me that I never have to see him again.

Charlotte looked up from her book. I had every intention of going, but the thought of a quiet evening in my room was just too irresistible. I did know. Both Charlotte and I were on permanent probation. Charlotte was on an academic scholarship, so she couldn't get below a B average.

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And since I was on a music and academic scholarship, I wasn't allowed below a B-minus average. And I had to rehearse with Mrs. Gardiner every day, which was the only thing I looked forward to. While we'd only had one concert so far, I was starting to get a reputation as one of the top music students in the school. Since Longbourn was a finishing school, it prided itself on its arts program: music, painting, dancing.

Longbourn was a place where accomplished musicians could retire to Connecticut and make a luxurious salary teaching overprivileged girls.

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Gardiner seemed to relish the fact that she finally had a student who wanted a challenge and could tackle difficult sonatas. But it also meant that, on top of studying, practicing, and working, there was little time left for anything else. They both seem smitten. Of course, nobody said anything to me about anything else, either. Well, I hope Jane gets asked to prom soon. Can you imagine anything more awful than wasting a semester on a guy and then having him not ask you to prom?

We've had way worse things happen to us. In the big scheme of things, going to prom for us is about as important as food stamps are to a Pemberley boy. It seemed like such an easy question. But to me, it wasn't. Did I want to go to prom? Of course. I used to tear pictures of dresses out of Seventeen's prom issue when I Prom and prejudice read online a little girl, imagining that I was simply one gown away from a fairy-tale evening.

But that wasn't going to happen here. Because in my prom fantasy, I not only had a gorgeous dress, I had the perfect guy. I looked at Charlotte, my partner in poverty. I wished a lot of things were simple. But that wasn't my reality. In real life, I was a scholarship girl who was going to be late for her barely paying job if she didn't start moving. Sunday afternoons at the Java Junction were always busy.

Students from both Pemberley and Longbourn needed a caffeinated fix to cram in the studying they should've been doing all week. I wasn't sure what to expect on the first weekend back from break. But when I arrived, I found myself walking into a madhouse of students. I quickly tied my red apron around my waist and jumped behind the counter. Tara Hill was a student at the local high school, and constantly teased me for being one of them -- in this case, the them being the elitists in line.

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I assured her that if I were truly one of them, I would hardly have been on the same side of the counter as her. And that would've been a loss. Because while I didn't really like having to serve the students from my school and from Pemberley, I enjoyed hanging out with Tara and the other "normal" people I worked with. Not that we always had time to talk.

I spent the next half hour steaming lattes, icing mochas, and trying to keep up. When he turned back to me, I was horrified to discover it was Darcy. He seemed just as perplexed to see me. I looked down at my red Java Junction apron and tugged on my visor. Silly me! But since I'm here, I thought that somebody's got to serve the coffee He didn't even crack a smile. Well, I guess I'll have a large, black coffee. Although, please don't hurt yourself. Darcy furrowed his brow and stammered a bit.

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I turned my back on him and grabbed him his coffee as quickly as possible without scalding myself. I didn't want to fit in with whatever stereotype Darcy had about "my kind. I took off my shoes and started to rub my feet. He invited us both to his family's ski cottage in Vermont next weekend! Jane sat down next to me. You'll switch your work schedule and everything? Although I have to warn you -- I don't ski.

You can drink hot cocoa while you study, plus Charles did say that his family has a Steinway grand piano in their house, so you can even spend the weekend practicing. You're going to love Charles. And honestly, Caroline and Darcy aren't as bad as you make them out to be. I know you and Darcy got off on the wrong foot.

I'm sure it's a simple misunderstanding. I wanted to protest further, but the look on Jane's face was so hopeful, so expectant, that I just couldn't disappoint her. She had been beaming since Charles's arrival, and I didn't want to be the one to tarnish her glow. I was doing this for Jane. Jane, who had done so much for me. Prom and prejudice read online, I had every intention of spending the entire weekend locked in our room or chained to the piano.

I had to work a couple hours after class to make up for the shifts I was missing that weekend, and my replacement was late. Which meant I had to sprint the ten blocks from the Java Junction to meet up with everybody. When I rounded the corner and saw Jane, Charles, Darcy, and Caroline waiting for me, I realized my cheeks were flushed and I was nearly out of breath. Caroline tapped her watch impatiently and looked horrified when she saw me approach. I stopped dead in my tracks. Despite the fact that she ignored me all week in class, I was positive my coming with them couldn't have been a surprise.

Prom and prejudice read online

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