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Regulating bulk firearm purchases is a straightforward, effective way to reduce gun trafficking and save lives. Laws limiting the of firearms a person can purchase within a certain timeframe help reduce the of guns that enter the secondary market—weapons that are more likely to wind up at the scene of a crime. Only a handful of states limit bulk gun purchases, a policy that has been proven to reduce gun trafficking and consequently gun violence. Laws limiting the of guns someone can buy within a certain span of time help reduce gun trafficking.

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Interstate trafficking of firearms flourishes, in part, because states regulate sales differently, and there is no federal limit on the of guns an individual may purchase at any one time. Laws limiting multiple sales can help to reduce gun trafficking.

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After Virginia introduced its one-gun-a-month law, there was a ificant reduction in the of crime guns recovered outside the state and traced back to Virginia dealers. Americans support laws limiting the of guns a person may purchase in a given time frame. Federal law does not limit the of guns a person may buy in any given time period. The federal reporting requirements have helped ATF combat gun trafficking. To build a safer America—one where children and parents in every neighborhood can learn, play, work, and worship without fear of gun violence—we need you standing beside us in this Pistols to buy.

Federal law falls short in several respects and does not go far enough to ensure that gun traffickers are effectively investigated and prosecuted. First, federal law fails to require law enforcement officers to investigate the multiple sales or purchases of firearms that are reported. Moreover, federal law actually prohibits state and local law enforcement agencies from disclosing reports of multiple sales other than those involving prohibited purchasers and requires those agencies to destroy such reports and related records within 20 days of receipt.

For more information, see our summary on Maintaining Records of Gun Sales.

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Four states California, Maryland, New Jersey, and Virginia have laws limiting at least some types of firearm purchases or sales to one per month. Currently, California law generally prohibits people from purchasing more than one handgun from a d dealer per month, 19 and restricts dealers from selling a handgun to a buyer if they are notified by the California Department of Justice that the buyer has already applied to acquire another handgun from a dealer within the preceding day period.

Effective July 1,California Pistols to buy will extend this bulk purchase limit to include the purchase from a dealer of either handguns or semiautomatic centerfire rifles. However, these restrictions do not and will not apply to firearm transfers between und parties, even when those transactions are processed through a d dealer.

Maryland prohibits any person from purchasing more than one handgun or assault weapon within a day period. Under limited circumstances, a person may be approved by the Secretary of the Maryland State Police to purchase multiple handguns or assault weapons in a day period.

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Maryland also penalizes any dealer or other seller who knowingly participates in an illegal purchase of a handgun or assault weapon. New Jersey prohibits d firearms dealers from knowingly delivering more than one handgun to any person within any day period.

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With limited exceptions, people may not purchase more than one handgun within any day period. It is generally unlawful for anyone to purchase more than one handgun within any day period in Virginia. The prohibition against purchasing more than one handgun within 30 days also does not apply to the following buyers:.

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New York City, however, takes a more comprehensive approach. The city limits all firearm purchases not just handguns to one handgun and one rifle or shotgun every 90 days. This restriction is a powerful disincentive to gun traffickers, who prefer to buy and transport multiple weapons at one time. By preventing bulk sales, the city has taken an important step toward thwarting the accumulation of weapons in the hands of criminals.

The features listed below are intended to provide a framework from which policy options may be considered. A jurisdiction considering new legislation should consult with counsel. Universal background checks are essential to close deadly loopholes in our laws that allow millions of guns to end up in the hands of individuals at an elevated risk of committing violence each year.

Gun violence intervention strategies reduce shootings in areas disproportionately impacted by interpersonal and community violence.

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Background Checks.

Pistols to buy

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