Patti ann browne swimsuit

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Never was a fan of Huddy. To skinny. She was buzzard beak before Ainsley. Patti Ann Browne was very sexy. She had some of the best big natural breasts in TV. She had some epic performances on a show called Red Eye back in the day. What a surprise I could not believe my eyes when i came to this site and saw it was set right to see Juliet and her amazing implanted set and the hot PAB instead of that buzzard beak Ainsley! Totally agree.

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A bit conservative to suit e IMO. To each is own. I visit this site but oh what a fright look for leg and now I beg please some new post of someone who shows the most but remember nothing bleak like Ainsley that buzzard beak. Do you know your hidden name meaning? Sorry Im not blogging. I got hit by this corona virus but I'm better now after 3 weeks.

Will post new caps soon. Glad you're feeling better. Thanks for everything you do.

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We're living in crazy times. It's the little things that make people happy. Like this awesome blog! We need some new hot leg pic of a news lady - please be quick a job to be done - please don't punt and no pic of Ainsley because she's such a As you can see fellow bloggers that this blogger has not been blogging very often; in fact very rarely since the third week of April There has not been any eye candy and no full studio shots other than Good Morning America.

Only head shots and Brady Bunch shots. So I just sleep real late in the morning. Nothing on tv; absolutely nothing.

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That is another reason why I am so super anxious for this pandemic to end! Enough is enough! Dang you really hate Ainsley Earnhardt, huh, buddy? I see you hate her with a strong passion! Hate is a strong word. I just think Buzzard Beak is way overrated and, also, acts like she is all that -- when she isn't.

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She thinks she is too good to dress for success the Fox News way! I agree. It's a shame because Ainsley was so hot when she was younger. She showed off those awesome breasts with pride and her skirts were super short. As soon as she became the full time anchor on Fox and Friends she became a prude. She forgot one of the reasons she got the job was her tight body. She used to be hot and did have some nice juggs. However, she has aged into a gaunt looking buzzard beak who thinks all she has to do is show up.

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Patti ann browne swimsuit

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