Oscar 930 pro cold press juicer

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Oscar Pro has been discontinued. See all Oscar Juicers. I got it as a present in Used it for couple of days, than left it under the kitchen cabinets for couple of years. Took it out recently, washed it, tried to switch on, BOOM! How is it possible? It's quite unused, better to say, it was just tested. Read the reviews for Torus Echo. I agree totally with simon53 review - i am extremely disappointed in this oscar pro - it juices faster, yes, but unfortunately it puts so much pulp into the juice that it has to be strained, and this is very time consuming.

I am wondering if the new oscar HU Pro is any better??? No, the Hurom pro is still pushing out too much pulp, I prefer our Vitalmax Oscarso much better Simply not as good as the oscar - and I've owned both. Reviewers who haven't tried both are just talking out of their behinds. The juice is good, but the machine could be much better. The strainer, the auto clearing brush and the bowl are all plastic, and some parts will break. The juice made from the Oscar is very good.

For such an expensive machine there are some parts that are very plastic and breakable. The motor warranty is 20 years, but the other parts are 5 years. I was careful and cut everything into small pieces. To spend so much money and to still have some parts of the machine which are Oscar 930 pro cold press juicer flimsy and cheap is very poor.

Although i was pleased with the Oscar Pro - it was much faster than my Compact Juicer- it has one terrible draw back. The vegetable screen started to break up on its plastic parts a fault i have since learned which required a new set-up as there were so many complaints they had to rede it. I first contacted the company in Nov. I am still waiting for the replacement parts [as of April ] and have continually got "its still coming," "will be here in 10 days", etc. Whether you love or loath being in the kitchen, our community of reviewers have determined that out of almost 5, appliances on ProductReview.

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I agree with everything in the review. Parts of this machine are not robust enough. Mine broke after 6 weeks and when replacement parts arrived they didn't fit as the de has changed slightly. I can't recommend this product which is a pity as when it does work it's great. Overall though it's not reliable enough to justify the price tag. Great when it works, quiet with high juice yield Broke after 6 weeks, having a lot of trouble getting compatible replacement parts.

I also agree with other reviewers that the plastic parts could be better made and will eventually break, but I have used mine at least once per day for 6 months and everything is holding up just fin. Very happy with it'a performance, easy and fast to clean, quiet for a juicer and one of the best on the market. Very happy. Reliable, Effective, Quiet, Easy to Clean Plastic parts may break but not aware of any juicer that doesn't have plastic parts.

Was impressed with the juicer from the first use,it extracts a good quality juice, much better than my older blade style juicer. It has an unusual churning sound much like that of a mortar and pestel. The waste is very dry proving that the juicer is extracting as much goodness out of the veges. I even juice my aloa vera plant which i pick from the garden.

The oscar can also juice citrus fruits which regular juicers can't do. Easy to clean and use, efficient appliance I agree with the other reviews that some of the plastic is inferior ,but so far has not affected its overall performance. You do have to prepare your fruit and veges as on the instuction as stringy produce like pineapple can cause blockage.

The ones I have are broken and can't make any juice. Grateful is any of you have the pair and want to sale it to me or advice where can I purchase them? Hi Luz J, thanks for contacting us. We do have a small handful of the white one only.

If you want to call us on our toll free on we can place one on order for Oscar 930 pro cold press juicer. Warm Regards Vitality4Life team. Hi Denis. Please get into contact with us so we can help you resolve your issue promptly. Does anyone have the trouble of the shoot blocking up when doing fibrous veg like say celery Celery is a problem particularly if not cut into small pieces i have also found removing the Kale leaf from its stem is not only better for juicing it is a lot sweeter without it. In spite what is said i find cutting items into smaller pieces is better not only for the juicer but for the speed of the machine.

Good luck. These do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though ProductReview. Oscar Pro. Write a review Ask a question. Listing monitored by Oscar. Sort by: Newest. Review rating. Your trust is our top concern. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. Not working. Date Purchased July Similar opinion? Write a review on ProductReview.

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Looking for Juicers? Scotty 8 years ago. Other Juicers. Find out how Oscar Pro compares to other Juicers Know better, choose better. Don't expect parts in a hurry.

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ompact juicer that company couldn't have been more helpful and received my required part and a complementary part within the week at no cost. Not the same with the Oscar which i have to pay for the redeed part even though it is under warranty. From what i can ascertain the overseas parent company is to blame not the Australian company that sells them. A lot faster than the other types of Auger Juicer.

Does require a double strainer to get rid of fiber unlike the Compact or Champion Juicers. Related Articles. The best kitchen appliances in ! Nathan S. Best Fridges and Dishwashers in ! Wendy Z. UnhappyJuicer AU. MMMe5 AU. Produces the best juice. Luz J. Vitality 4 Life Oscar. Denis09 asked 3 years ago. The drum on my Oscar Pro will not release.

Oscar 930 pro cold press juicer

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