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Online dating can be exhausting. For the ethically nonmonogamous, this is the exact problem that a new online dating site hopes to solve.

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As on other online dating sites, OpenMinded users can create profiles, send private messages, share photos, and make plans to meet IRL. The ethically nonmonogamous population is sizable in the United States and increasing in visibility. In an interview with Psychology Todayindependent academic researcher Kelly Cookson estimated that between 1. In the past, the community has identified themselves as poly or open in their online dating profiles, often linking to the profiles of their other partners from their own.

Now that sites like OpenMinded and 3nder —a poly alternative to Tinder—are beginning to emerge, poly folks have the option to use dating sites specifically deed for them. Ethically nonmonogamous couples and individuals often participate in simultaneous, ongoing committed relationships. Occasionally this means dating several individuals separatelydating two other individuals together as a triador even dating within a small closed circle of partners. Like any other type of dating, these relationships can be casual and primarily sex-based, and they can also be emotionally deep and lead to cohabitation and other forms of formal commitment.

Many who are ethically nonmonogamous pride themselves on being honest and forthcoming with their partners. They are opposed to any type of dishonesty or violation of predetermined agreements that disrupt the trust among partners.

In other words, when practiced with honesty and care, ethical nonmonogamy is never synonymous with cheating. The language choice was a conscious one on the part of Reflex Media, according to public relations manager Angela Jacob Bermudo. However, she did note that Wade and his wife have discussed opening their marriage.

Despite Open minded website lack of direct experience that Wade and his team have had in open relationships themselves, they claim to have sought input from polyamorous organizations, individuals, and families in their site development process.

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However, Bermudo would not disclose the specific names of people and groups involved in the research process. OpenMinded launched in May and, as of the time of publication,members have ed membership is free. Erika, 32, ed last spring after the invitation to be a beta tester.

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She and her husband were relieved that there was finally a dating site specifically for their polyamorous dating style. Unlike Erika, however, he ultimately felt let down by the site. Many of the features Daniel would like are in development or are only now starting to be implemented, according to Bermudo, explaining that community events, a discussion forum, and a new social media campaign, AcceptLoveare in the works. At present, however, Daniel and others agreed that OpenMinded feels less developed than other dating sites despite its niche.

As the company listens and responds to community feedback, it remains to be seen whether OpenMinded will succeed. But one point remains clear: The nonmonogamous community is ready for its own dating website. Carrie Nelson is a writer and documentary filmmaker. Featured Video Hide. Advertisement Hide.

Share this article. Carrie Nelson Carrie Nelson is a writer and documentary filmmaker.

Open minded website

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