Older women show

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BOTOX and plastic surgery allow actresses to look younger.

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Television is permitting them to act their age. Older stars who once had to re themselves to playing frustrated spinsters or docile moms are suddenly flaunting their ripened sex appeal on television. This season marks the summer of hot cougar love. But the success of that TNT series has emboldened other networks to showcase plus female protagonists who like to date young. The older woman-younger man dynamic, which once seemed so bizarre and pathetic that Tennessee Williams built whole tragedies around it, has a new sparkle.

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Close could turn out to be the exception to the rule, because at least in the beginning her character is married to an age-appropriate businessman. But he does go out of town on trips. Older viewers, particularly women over 30, gravitate to the kind of dramas and conventional sitcoms found on TNT and Lifetime. But comedy has long been more hospitable to older women than drama, if only because it more easily allows a transition from romantic heroine to character actor.

Aging has worked better as a laughing matter. Until recently most crime shows and hospital dramas wedged older female characters into broader ensembles, reserving romantic subplots and sex scenes for younger players. That is beginning to change. Even Sally Field, who plays her mother, a widowed matriarch and grandmother several times over, has romantic interludes. She had an affair with her married boss, and this season is still sleeping with an F.

Nothing is Older women show trend, of course, until there is a reality show about it. The older women compete with the younger ones for the affections of a year-old Australian tennis player, Mark Philippoussis. Philippoussis, who was not warned ahead of time that half his bachelorettes were old enough to remember typewriters, looks stunned but not horrified. The women all have impressively taut faces and figures; only their deeper, more commanding voices give their ages away. The next big thing in cosmetic surgery: the larynx-lift.

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Movies have not ignored the phenomenon. Television has more leeway to let female characters lead — as detectives, surgeons or psychiatrists who have boyfriends, and sometimes boy toys, on the side. It instead seems hellbent on becoming the channel of choice for Paris Hilton. Having struck out in its pursuit of the high road, Oxygen is competing for the lowest common denominator.

But they too have a built-in fear of straying too far from convention. American producers and writers seem unable or unwilling to push a female character to the personality extremes allowed their male counterparts, be it Sgt. Gregory House. When told that the lab work she ordered has been delayed to avoid overtime, she turns confrontational.

Nobody gets fired of course, and Brenda manages to solve the murder and keep her team intact.

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When her boyfriend, who recently moved into her too-small apartment, insists they house-hunt for a bigger place, Brenda balks at first, but finally gives in. Her worst vice is candy. She dates younger men, smokes, drinks heavily and slugs mashers who hit on her too aggressively. But unlike the real-life bad girls who are prodded by MTV and Oxygen reality shows to behave as badly as possible, Grace is held able by TNT for her excesses.

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Cougars are wild, but eventually even they have to be tamed for television. Television In the Prime of Their Time.

Older women show

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