Need a girl who is more than a friend

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Y ou fell for your friend and it wasn't something you expected. It just happened. You're afraid to say something because it could ruin the friendship or make it awkward for both of you. The last thing you want to happen is her hating you or saying she never wants to see you again.

You're even more afraid of saying something because you're not sure if she even likes you back or how she really feels about you.

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Maybe you met through a friend, maybe one of you was already "hooked up" and now you're both free. Whatever your specific reasons were or are, I'm sure you've heard all the sad stories about being stuck in the friends zone and now you're the lead character by accident Trapped in a book where it feels someone else is writing the plot and as in practically every friends zone drama T his is the part no guy wants to hear Think about it: How do you tell someone something Most men who find themselves in the friends zone or asking others how to tell a woman he likes her and wants to be more than friends, don't know those extremely important things, which is the single biggest reason they find themselves constantly with a woman they're just friends with It is the exact book I used to eliminate the friends zone from my life entirely and it's less than the cost of a pizza you can order while you read and learn from it.

The harder part to hear or read is that it's equally as important to avoid making a huge mistake or many little mistakes. You'll find lots of other's why I don't know popular advice is filled with these deadly attraction killing mistakes. What you should or must do and what you most definitely should AVOID doing unless you want her to always just be your friend. I did a little research outside my vast knowledge of being stuck in the friends zone and was quite appalled by what I found. So we're going to go through the advice you should NOT follow which can help you avoid the all-too-common mistakes men make in these situations.

Give her subtle compliments. Share Need a girl who is more than a friend love suggestively through a link. Be attentive to her. Invite her out to a small group outing. Reveal your thoughts in an or text message. First - honestly, if there's no attraction and I don't mean just the physical part no matter how much you hint you want more, it's just not going to happen. Women fall for guys who are strong and confident. Not guys who "hint" at what they want.

Becoming more than friends WILLl require you to kiss her at some point and if you can not "own up" in person, how will she ever expect or believe you can become intimate with her? If you want excitement to happen between you and her it's best to make her excited. Stick to a fun date. A date you can talk and then let the day or evening become a little more romantic as you go along.

Make sure the date naturally creates fun and exciting conversation as said in this much more helpful post:. So take a moment to think of 10 things you could do with a woman that cost little or no money but that include possibilities of all kinds of interesting conversation, adventure, excitement.

While you're at it, why not smother her with affection or follow her around like some love-sick puppy. Acting like you're scared of showing your feelings is NOT what women want from a guy that will become more than her friend. Ask yourself this important question if you're having any problems deciding what to do with your friend NEVER let anyone convey a message you need to be getting across yourself so always opt for action first. Well of course they do but women don't suddenly feel attracted to a guy just because he starts complimenting her even subtlety. Genuine compliments are great and all and they can stimulate a woman but more often than not - just throwing them in hoping a woman will suddenly see you as more than a friend is NOT when they should be used.

Be more and more attentive. Give her compliments.

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How do you show a girl that you want to be just more than friends? Look around at my friends zone posts and notice how almost every one of those guys decided to "reveal his feelings to a friend" and how they got them nowhere, including me. The only time it works is when you missed every she has given you and she's been secretly attracted to you for as long as you've been friends. From my experience, if that IS the case - you can do absolutely anything you want because technically - you're NOT in the friends zone AND as mentioned above If you get all mushy on her and there's no attraction she'll make it clear that you are in or always have been in her friends zone.

Women don't want to experience the awkwardness of kissing a friend for the first time. I don't know about you but I'm getting the picture the world believes this is the only advice worth giving. He points to a link on how to tell if a girl likes you and he suggests "teasing and flirting first" to gauge her response before you ask her out. Mostly because I'd say it's best to avoid acting or doing something just to see how she responds unless you're already in bed. After going through 3 s and finding the ones where the actual question was answered, they all hinted at the same thing.

Have you ever seen a movie called " Let It Ride "? You can pick it up on Amazon right here: "Let It Ride". The star decides the only way to win at a horse race is to find out what everyone else is betting on and then to bet against them. So he finds everyone that always loses and whatever horse they pick, he decides NOT to pick that one.

Well that is the way I feel about the advice I've read on your "friend" problem. You might just be better of by doing the opposite of what each of those people except Kevin advised. Now that I've gotten all that out of my system and have kept you from making some pretty major mistakes with your friend Y ou can start doing this by teasing her a little more. Let her begin to see a side of her she may not have been aware of before as being just a friend.

Friends do play a little with each other busting balls, making fun but now you must make it a little more sexually orientated.

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This shows confidence, intelligence, wit, charm AND speaks to her in a way which creates real attraction. Again, what you're doing is setting up the attraction creating phase and showing her a side of she was not aware of before.

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That means no secrets s or links to videos. That kind of romance only works when you're already involved or are casually dating and you've hit a pivotal point in your young relationship. Seriously if you suddenly turn it up you'll probably scare her away. You need to transition smoothly for things to happen between you.

Pull back a little and learn to surprise her by offering her a fun alternative to whatever she is doing.

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Turn the tables on her and allow her to believe and feel or consider her feelings towards you are genuine and they are attractive. Trust me if you feel that strongly for her, YOUR feelings are not going anywhere so don't rush things because you're feeling anxious. Do this stuff right and you'll get plenty of opportunities to show her how much you do care for her. If you expose a love that belongs in a longer term committed relationship you will put way too much pressure on her to make a decision which will cause her to pull back.

She'll start questioning herself and you, and worry about losing the friendship and even worse, she'll start to wonder what really was on your mind when you were together. You can easily creep a woman out by having her believe you've been secretly thinking about her, "in that way. It only backfires.

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I know exactly what it takes for a woman to follow through with her attraction for you. You don't put them there, you make it impossible for her to not be able to think about anything else by sticking to a non-approval seeking attitude and using your sexy attractive self to tease her. At least that way it will hurt less and on the side, women have a certain thing for guys who take risks especially like this one.

Here is an example for you to follow in the post. Read it all and you'll understand what it's all about. There are moments you'll find intimacy is more likely to happen and you'll want to put you and your friend in those situations more often. You want it to happen naturally. Since you're going to show her and NOT tell her, imagine where a first kiss is more likely to happen. Put yourself there with her. Avoid all places where nothing's going to happen. Start doing things you haven't done with her before and the common places "just friends" meet up.

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In other words, learn how you got there, why women put guys in the friends zone, and be objective about your situation. If you have been doing those things with her or most women in general, you may be deeper in it than you can see clearly for yourself. Once you've established meeting up with her Get her to a place where you can dance. I don't advocate alcohol but you have to admit a little alcohol, some dancing to get the blood rate up, music that feels good, can become the perfect place to show any woman a fun slightly sexual time. Let her see you interact with other women and here's the cool part - when you're hanging out in situations like this - acknowledge her "secretly.

Stick your tongue out at her when she looks like some guy has her trapped in a boring "pickup" conversation. I believe the key to those last points is to create a unique connection with her on a level most guys are afraid of creating.

It lets her know, especially if you reject a few that you're a selective guy and when she finally gets it through your actions and not your words - that you find her above all those "other" women - she'll feel special. She may even start to wonder what it would be like to "be" with you and much more open to starting something with you. I bet if you do that right she'll be the one who comes after you!

That would be pretty cool, right?

Need a girl who is more than a friend

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