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CPS Counter is clicking test online unblocked with leaderboard. Play Dexter Version. Dexter CPS test. Click 60 Seconds. Notification: Do you want us to make more such games? Write your suggestions on. New Games are coming To start the game, click the below box as fast as you can. How Fast can you click within 5 seconds? Note: Select any timespan and start test!! Challenge yourself, how many clicks you can do in specific time limit. You can invite your friends too to play with him. Clicking speed test is challenging game.

I think that the click speed test is a self-defining thing. You click, click and click for the limited period of time. In this test, you check your clicking speed CPS rate. Make click until your hand, arm or wrist starts to vibrate. The average time for the CPS is about 60 second. Make hit fast and maximum as you can. The of hits will define your success or loss. We have added option to choose keyborad buttons to test your clicking speed or you can choose mouse.

Follow the options above. No doubt, the game is mobile friendly. The users can measure their speed in the specific timespan. The web Mouse click test is similar to the mobile web view, that is why mobile users can test their skills the same way. There are many such third-party applications but our game is giving everything that every player is looking for.

Tell you what, If you wanna download third party apps, you should make sure it is legitimate. There are some click games have virus or adware in them which can harm your devices. We made some wanted features on our website like our players can share the URL of their CPS scores and ask your friend to give you a challenge.

You can check your click speed at the web browser Mouse click test on your cell phones. There is a of Android applications that give you a platform to calculate your click speed plus a hell of fun. Visit your google play store on a cell phone. A listed result will be displayed on your screen. Now, it is up to you to choose the best rated and real named app. Note: Beware of similar name apps, because they may contain viruses or hack your cell phone data. Always read the privacy policy and description of the app before you download. CPS rate is actually the result of the click speed test.

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The higher the rate the better the and vice versa. There are some factors that affect the CPS rate like internet connection, input device and so on.

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Internet speed can slow down your CPS test rate and affect the click counter as well. Speed element or element speed is the platform that measures the click speed. It may be the site or the application on your phone. Most of Click speed test games works only on computer.

Kohi click test is an old method to examine amount of clicks per second. This is the traditional way to check how fast can you click the mouse in given time. Kohi is a Minecraft server and players want to test their mouse speed and accuracy. That is obvious, Minecraft players do need to play tackle quickly in player combat and they have to get quick clicking speed. However, you don't need to be Minecraft Player to aim for better clicking speed. I have noticed many online tool sites that are available to know your clicking speed by Kohi Minecraft server.

There is a difference!! Badlion click test has merged into kohi. But the Clickspeedtest. But we have added the Badlion test into our website with the latest features. The world record for the click speed test is 22, according to the latest updates of You can try to make one record yourself by applying some tricks and hacks. Do you want to make high scores in-game? How to click faster? Well, there are more than 5 techniques which are used to click faster during Mouse click test games. And sometime right finger may hurt due to consistent clicking on the same spot.

So, I suggest you try the following methods for clicking fast like a king. You might think that what is the purpose of the click speed apps?

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And why it is becoming viral among the people. Basically, it provides a type of enjoyment for the people. People take off their stress and anger by hitting the screen for the click for the of time. It is the best way to cure the anger and stress. Sometimes, harsh words and angriness can break our relationship.

And I think playing this clicking game can save your relation at the time of anger. According to my opinion, open and play the click speed test during your hard time. I guarantee that you will feel relax and find your solution to the problem as well. If you want click test unblocked version, you must play this game with VPN and some of Minecraft unblocked player knows the value of VPN.

And by this special IP, you can play any game at school or office which is banned by Jammer. As per Cookie Riimu website's CPS tester, they provide simple states and if we compare them with us, then we provide the result with cool states. Undoubtedly, this topic has been debated for many years now.

However, it is said that jitter clicking can cause some severe health issues such as Arthritis and Carpal Tunneling Syndrome. It is recommended to either stop jitter clicking Mouse click test slow down the speed to cps. Usually, the cause of such strange behaviour depends upon the external factors. It might be because of software issues such as an outdated driver Mouse click test your mouse got some dust specks inside. If you wish to double click more quickly or want a single click to behave like a double click, you can adjust the double click speed in your mouse settings.

The setting can be found in your mouse settings in the control panel. A mouse might not click properly or behave randomly for a few reasons.

Mouse click test

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