Most beautiful woman in colombia

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All in all, Colombian women deserve a special mention.

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They are effortlessly beautiful if not genetically One must felicitate their glorious beauty. After I arrived in Santa Marta and Cartagena, I was bedazzled by all the gorgeous women and they were everywhere, all about the place. They were selling vegetables on the streets, tickets on the railway counter, running street salons and generally very well dressed and inherently vivacious.

My camera just could not stop clicking and I probably took about two hundred pictures of the women alone. My Swiss companions were startled but they were forced to admit that the beauty standards here were much higher than their Scandinavian counterparts. Girl Waitressing outside a ristorante. Girl selling sim card on the streets.

Ever smiling and ever gorgeous. Colombian girl shop owner on the street. Two sales girls outside their showroom.

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Girl selling T shirts and beachwear on the sidewalk. Beautiful Grandmother and grand daughter in Aracataca. Colombian girls are inherently very confident and beautiful. This is a matter of debate of course. As the days passed, I would walk down to the central square and pass the bustling markets. I would notice them bargaining with customers and engage in mild flirtations. The customers were quite taken by the potentially beauteous shop owner. Beauty standards are really high here. Though, after few days of observation I noticed that some women do adhere to unrealistic beauty standards.

Girl selling phone cards in Aracataca. The modern confident women of Medellin. Beauty parlour on the street. A teenage pregnant mom. Pregnant Teenager. A eye brow coloring parlour on the streets. Braiding salon in the streets. Plenty of beauty hacks were available right on the streets. Many girls had opened salons on the sidewalk itself where they cater to eye brow colouring, braiding, day makeup etc. Also noticed many teenage pregnant girls and moms. While I was walking down and taking pictures a young teenage mom carrying her child followed me asked me to buy some lollipops.

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I looked back and smiled realising she was actually begging. Later I felt bad and thought that it must be so difficult to rear by yourself. By contrast the women in Medellin were more modern and outgoing since Medellin is like a metropolis.

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There, I met artists and writers who were more than just their physical selves. But even in conversations with them they admitted that beauty standards in their country are way too high and sometimes quite unrealistic. Not being judgemental here. Just observing! By Dipu Darko.

I've added photographs below which I took whilst travelling. Santa Marta.

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