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You have come to the right place. Enjoy exploring my category of mature sex stories, all of which will set your pulse racing.

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I pride myself on my true erotic content and with these stories and all of the other hundreds of my blog you will find premimum erotica along with user-submitted submissions. I am Jess, I own and run this blog and mature sex stories are some of the most popular that I have. This kinky couple wanted to explore more of their unexplored desires and what better way to do that than with someone you know and trust? Read and let your imagination run wild as you experience this mature couples firsts. A stepmom hot for her new step-son seduces him and fucks him behind her new husbands back.

A mature couple wanting to try something new and tick off things they have never tried before. They stumble across the idea of anal and in this submission you get to read all about what happened, how they did it and what Mature sex stories felt like for this older married couple. After this son-in-law responds to his mother-in-laws advances these two keep a dirty little affair going and it is seriously hot.

One of the most exciting and erotic tales every told on my blog. A man who has a kink for older and more mature women finally has his wish granted when his friends mom comes onto him and they have incredible sex together. A taboo, crazy story filled with romance, lust and lots of intense sex. Would you ever be able to do something like this? Have you fantasized about it?

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This darling woman goes into intense and explicit detail on what happened when she met a mature sugar daddy in sin city. This young couple decide to spice things up in their love life and try out something never done by either of them.

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His moms best friend is seriously sexy and during Christmas vacation when he comes back home for college he finds himself in an interesting scenario with this mature momma. After reading Part 1 this story is a sublime read. It starts where it left us, desperate to know what happens between a mature sugar daddy and his new love interest.

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A mother-in-law takes a loving relationship with her son-in-law a little too far and this mature woman ends up showing him things that blow his mind. All done in secret and with of them becoming more and more satisfied with their arrangement, what can they do to stop the urges? A porn scenario often seen but this happened for real.

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Both parties are extremely horny and excited to do something so naughty and we get to enjoy his re-tale of events as he describes it all to us in astonishing detail.

Mature sex stories

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