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This study aimed to know the awareness and perceptions of people toward sex tourism in Makati City, Philippines where tourism and business collides that resulted to presence of prostitution. The researcher concludes that this study is a good foundation for solutions to solve the problem. This will help concerned organizations and people to think of ways on how to stop sex tourism in the Philippines, starting with prostitution in Makati City.

Solutions based on ideas of the authority should be shared to local residents including law enforcers and tourists through Professional Training Programs so that people as one nation could achieve the goal, whether that goal is to put end or to legalize Sex Tourism in the Philippines.

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Night life is widely accepted in the Philippines, particularly in Makati City with the presence of a of bars and clubs [ 1 ]. Having hotels minutes away to P. Padre Burgos Street is an estimated one kilometer road filled with Bars, Clubs, and Pubs which is identifiable through posters and its lights. According to an online article written by Francis Q.

It is human trafficking that includes trafficking for sexual activities and has been a long standing issue. It includes: recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for the purposes of a commercial sex act [ 4 ].

Based on research, another reason is that there are no specific criteria up to date to help Manila prostitution price if an activity is under sex tourism or not, since it is very difficult to find. The legal status of prostitution varies from country to country, from being legal and considered a profession to being punishable by death. Some jurisdictions outlaw the act of prostitution the exchange of sexual services for money ; other countries do not prohibit prostitution itself, but ban the activities typically associated with it soliciting in a public place, operating a brothel, pimping etc.

In www. Data shows that only Dominican Republic, The Netherlands, Spain, and Brazil out of the 7 countries permit Sex Tourism since prostitution there is legal, meanwhile, despite of illegality, prostitution in Cambodia, Thailand, and Philippines is widespread all over the world [ 8 ]. Prostitution started around Clark Air Base in Angeles City since the early s, when the base assumed importance because of the Vietnam War. During the s, the main street of Olongapo City had no less than 30 girlie bars catering to the needs of U. Navy troops visiting Subic Naval base.

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The city acquired the pseudonym "Sin City". The closure of the U. Fields Avenue near Clark, Angeles, Pampanga continued to grow as a center of the sex tourism industry, under the umbrella of "entertainment" and "hospitality industry".

The girlie bars at Olongapo were closed down in a major drive by the then governor Jane Gordon; they merely shifted, however, to the neighboring town of Barrio Baretto which contains a series of at least 40 bars which act as prostitution centers [ 10 ].

The of respondents for this study is limited to individuals computed using SLOVIN formula, which was divided into 3 : Local residents, foreign tourists, and Local tourists; all in Makati City, Philippines. The gathered information is limited to: 1. Awareness of the local community, and foreign and local tourists about sex tourism in Makati City, Philippines; 2.

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Perception s of foreign and local tourists, and residents, toward sex tourism; and 3. Reasons of prostitutes in promoting prostitution. This research is a Descriptive research since it involves description, recording, analysis, and interpretation of the present condition of Sex Tourism in Makati City, Philippines [ 11 ]. Although this research is highly accurate, it does not gather the deep reasons behind the situation.

An online and printed survey form was used to collect the responses of the respondents, which lasted for 1 month from the 30th day of June and ended on the 29th day of the following month; year Sub-problem no. Figure 1 presents how much of a social problem sex tourism is. The remaining 7. Sexual activities are extremely harmful to sellers according to Manila prostitution price of respondents, or From the total of respondents, Most of the respondents are not aware of laws in Makati City concerned with sex tourism with a percentage of Majority of the respondents with a percentage of The majority said the primary reason for selling sexual activities is financial need, while The majority said the scenario is sex tourism, while 4.

Out Manila prostitution price respondents, said the scenario is not sex tourism, while individuals said it is sex tourism, and the remaining 38 are not sure about it. According to Most respondents have never been employed in the sex Industry with the percentage of This Research plays a ificant role in the Tourism Industry, and the economy of the Philippines, thus, the legislative branch of the government to realize solutions toward the issue, and law enforcement agencies to encourage a stricter implementation of laws.

This would assist Researchers interested in assessing social issues associated with prostitution, especially nowadays that there are recorded cases of human trafficking in the country. Generally speaking, people see Sex Tourism alike with Prostitution, for the mere fact that the two terms have almost the same definition. As social problem, people see it as a serious one due to harm it causes to buyers and sellers, and the negative image it establishes for the country. People fully understand the concept of Sex Tourism since it is obviously accepted with the presence of a of bars that are inclined with Prostitution despite of its illegality.

Though show that poverty is the main reason of this sub- Industry, it is still not an excuse since it is against the law, and the fact that job opportunities in the country are a lot. This research should awaken the Philippines.

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Currently, the Philippine Government is focused on getting rid of illegal drugs in the country since it has been seen as a serious problem. In reflection to the of this study, the Philippine Government should consider a nationwide campaign against prostitution starting in Metro Manila and Clark, Pampanga.

It may be true that Business es with this kind of concept bring monetary benefits to the economy and the society, but it should be stopped since it is unlawful. If the society finds Sex Tourism to have more positive benefits than negative ones, then one should step up and propose to make it legal.

Understanding towards the concept of sex tourism Sex Tourism is popular in the Philippines based on Manila prostitution price, some of which even considered the country as one of most popular in Manila prostitution price of the said practice. Articles found in magazines and on line clearly say sex tourism is fully operational in Makati City, Philippines. These materials were justified by the result of this study where people confessed their awareness towards the practice; however, they are still confused why despite of its illegality, it still exists. People are also aware of the business hours of the internationally known Padre Burgos Street which is said to start as early as 6 in the evening and end at around 5 in the morning.

Upon collection of data, some respondents had conversations with the researcher; they gave information about the presence of freelance prostitutes along Makati Avenue up to J. Rizal Street, and about a brothel in Maluggay Street where there are a lot of sex providers to choose from. According to the Philippine Statistics Office, as ofthe country had a poverty incidence of In terms of buying sexual services, people believe that the primary reason is Sexual Satisfaction. The result of this study shows people see Sex Tourism as a serious problem that should be addressed immediately.

Sexual transmitted disease is also considered as a threat based on interviews done by the researcher, and this is confirmed by the responses on the 3rd and 4th questions which states that people consider selling and purchasing sexual activities extremely harmful to the buyer and to the seller. This research therefore concludes that sex tourism is a growing subindustry of Tourism. Having more foreign and local tourists looking for sexual satisfaction Manila prostitution price Makati City will enable its continuous growth.

Manila prostitution price is also considered as an invulnerable practice since its whereabouts is very difficult to identify, and most information about it are based on opinions and assumptions. However, it is believed to really exist with the presence of confessions found in electronic sources from tourists who have tried the service itself, and based on actual experiences of local tourists while staying near Padre Burgos Street, Makati City. This study also shows that people although a little bit confused in terms of law implementation, are still aware of the illegality of this practice, same with the whole concept of it.

The researcher also learned that the primary market of this sub-industry are foreign tourists who are mostly solo travelers with a general image of being wealthy, and that harmfulness is at its peak when engaging to sexual activities with a prostitute, same with the harm a prostitute might get from their customers such as Sexual Transmitted Diseases.

Having people aware of the illegality of sex tourism in Makati City, Philippines, both the National and the Local Government Units should focus on it. If this will continue to grow in the following years, people might think there is a huge problem with our law enforcement agencies in particular, and the government in general. The community should also organize seminars on sex tourism so that more people will be aware of it, especially on current policies concerned with prostitution. This will help them to understand the pros and cons of sex tourism, at the same time, this will help them to create ways on how to put end to it.

Having a very good reputation in terms of development, Makati City, Philippines should avoid getting scratches of bad image which may come from the presence of sex tourism. The Department of Tourism should also play a huge role on stopping this so-called madness since they have the support of the people. Night life is considered as a need especially to people who spent the whole day working, however, selling of sexual services is not needed to promote hospitality and service.

The researcher suggests the continuous serving of liquors to customers, but the termination of sexual services. Another suggestion is to focus on ecotourism and Cultural Heritage tourism since the Philippines is known as a country rich in Natural and Cultural Heritage Tourism Destinations. This study supported what is written on papers over the years saying that poverty is a serious problem in the Philippines.

It is good to know that State Universities started to offer tuition free education, which will encourage our children to study so they could become successful someday. The Government should think of solutions to solve this problem, however, if it continuous to grow despite of actions, they should consider legalization, and this process should include creation of laws that will control the said practice.

J Tourism Hospit Copyright: Mark GWA. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attributionwhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. Research Article - Volume 8, Issue 5. Abstract This study aimed to know the awareness and perceptions of people toward sex tourism in Makati City, Philippines where tourism and business collides that resulted to presence of prostitution. Keywords Tourism; Awareness; Law enforcement; Ecotourism.

A man is told about a specific location where engaging in sexual activities with local women for cash is encouraged. He decides this is where he will vacation next. Once there, he searches for the best place to engage in sexual activities with local women for the length of time he is on vacation. A woman from Europe visits Makati City, Philippines for a business trip. She goes to Greenbelt 5 Mall where she unintentionally meets a man. They head to the club and drink. They both returned to her hotel room where they have sex. Local taxicab drivers shuttle adult tourists to local tourism destinations in Makati City, Philippines where sexual services are provided.

A fee is charged to each tourist before they enter and once inside they pay for sexual services from the women employed at these establishments. A man vacationing unintentionally meets a local woman in a restaurant, and they have a sexual encounter while he is on vacation. Before leaving the country, he arranges to care for her financially until he returns. They communicate frequently and he returns to marry her. They later relocate to his native country.

Manila prostitution price

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