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A support group for men formed less than a week ago claims it's already helped to save a life.

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A husband and dad-of-two reportedly reached out to Man Chat Aberdeen on Facebook last Saturday saying he'd been having suicidal thoughts. The group had been started by Scottish stand-up comedian Wray Thomson just hours earlier. Wray claims the man felt better after talking about his feelings and has since stayed in touch.

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He tells Radio 1 Newsbeat he posted asking for any guys who were "feeling a bit down" to get in touch. Official NHS figures show the of suicides in Scotland increased by 15 per cent last year. Let's make a sort of preventative group. And that's exactly what the first person to message the group - described by Wray as "like Alcoholics Anonymous for people who've got mental health problems" - allegedly needed.

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Wray says he told him to come to their next meeting and that they'd take it from there. Wray tells Newsbeat the man has been in touch a lot, and will eventually see his GP about what he's going through.

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I think sometimes for men it's just vocalising it and admitting you've got a problem that's half the battle. More than people already like Man Chat Aberdeen on Facebook, despite Wray publishing the group's first post less than seven days ago. It was initially thought the group would meet weekly, but because so many people want tothere's set to be two meetings a week. People started saying 'this is great, this is the sort of thing we need' The year-old comedian says the next step is applying for charity status and making guys realise they can open up.

And while the group may have already helped one man, Wray can see it's helping others too. Listen to Newsbeat live at and weekdays - or listen back here.

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Event urges men to talk about mental health. Media mental health initiative launched. The hip-hop artist tackling male suicide. Related Topics. Suicide prevention Mental health Aberdeen. More on this story. Published 26 June Published 23 June Published 17 June Published 24 April

Man for man chat

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Man chat support group 'helps to save dad on first day'