Looking for lunch date and friend

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In May, when my daughter was 10 months old, I weaned nursing her on my lunch break. You see, I had spent the eight months since going back to work visiting her day care every day at noon to nurse her. Those 30 minutes with her were a highlight of my day, every day.

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And I would not do it any other way. As good as it is to connect with a friend on the phone, sharing a meal is better. The past year has been hard — both physically literally! God created us as relational beings, and it is important that we seek out community with those He has placed in our lives.

Several of my friends and I have committed to putting a lunch date on the calendar every month. As the lunch ends, we pull out our calendars and pick out a date for the next month. The commitments of life be it nursing a baby or something else should not prevent relationship from happening, it just means you have to be more intentional.

Every day is a juggling act as she balances working full-time, making memories with her family, photographing the every day and trying to be Thank you for all your calls and encouragement — but breaking bread with you in person?

Is pure grace. Thank you for this, Ann. Your encouragement, your friendship, YOU are a gift. I wish we could break bread monthly! But, all is grace for the moments we do get to share together. There is nothing like a move to make you appreciate friendships. I was ecstatic! That first lunch invite was the moment I truly felt at home in our new home.

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Some friends lunch is only once a quarter, but any quality time is better than no quality time! A weekly meeting with a couple writing friends for ability and inspiration, and a summer Bible study with another. I just did that this week.

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Met a friend for two hours over coffee and we both decided it needed to be a weekly lunch date. We were both lonely and isolated and left feeling filled up again, looking forward to next week. Thanks for the encouragement. I would love that. Too many days I am alone with them with no adult conversation, which I really need. Some days I feel like I have completely lost myself. We Sherry, may I respond or is only the author allowed?

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I had a houseful of preschoolers and early school age children for many years and parents and grandparents did not accept my invitation to drop by for coffee Nytime while their kids did but as an opportunity to shop, clean, nap, go out with friends for coffee or to a casino! I know how you feel bc little people are fun but one can feel quite isolated some days in a weird way. You need to get proactive in finding yourself a friend like that. I too want to encourage you to get creative. Perhaps meeting with another friend for a picnic at the park? Or at the library?

Or inviting a friend into your home? Blessings to you! Still this sounds funny to say after what I just commented she and her husband are two of the nicest people!

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Thus I have hardened? And there are family with poverty, real or in spirit taking out their diss appointments or anger on us, both my husband and I. I have had true friends to help me to do this by just being respectful and kind in a world sometimes unkind.

May we pray for those friends for blessings and that those bitter or hurting will seek their strength in God and not in hurting others. May we use this beautiful article today to consider who we are in Christ and seek his strength in all things. God bless. Yes, I find that I am healthier all around when I make time for sabbath rest and community. Check out the book Sabbath, which we read in Bloom a while back. I whispered prayers for you this morning, that friendship and quality time would flourish in your life. I just posted on this personal community topic recently… The face to face — so necessary.

God calls us to relate in all aspects, extend hands of friendship, love. What is a lunch break? Not something that really happens in my job. One friend and I keep trying to schedule breakfast but stuff keeps coming up. Oh well. Yes, my lunch break is a Looking for lunch date and friend Perhaps you can get creative in a different way or time?

Praying you find that special time with your friend. I have just read your article and agree that time with friends is so important. For the last 5 years I have organized lunch with school friends whom I started school with in For some years we lost touch with a friend, who was wheelchair bound but we caught up with her 5 years ago. We had lunch every weeks and always somewhere close to where she lived and could come in her mototirsed wheelchair.

On May 15th we met for lunch and I took a picture of us, she died from cancer complications of June 3rd. How blest I am to have that picture.

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God thank you for the times I was able to share with my friend Nicky. Jess, you have given me something to really think about. I will prayerfully consider your words and want to say thank YOU for the encouragement. What a wonderful ministry this is for me. I so need to do more of this. Note to self — be more intentional in face-to-face time with friends!

When I make time for friendships, I am a better wife and mama, too. Really and truly. Love you, Jess! We moved from TX our home of 17 years! It has been an amazing, God-filled journey, but the one area that is still a challenge is friendships. SO important. Being present is so huge. So true! I have a group of mom friends and while we get to see each other at playdates with our children, I actually enjoy getting together with them just us girls more.

We are actually able to breathe and focus on each other and conversation instead of chasing after our children. Thanks for sharing! Courage Diversity Encouragement Friendship. Share Share 32 Tweet Pin 1.

Looking for lunch date and friend

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