Lonely on thanksgiving

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Story from Holiday. This may be the year of the solo Thanksgiving dinner. Plenty of people are pretty happy about not having to go home for the holidays. Even those who would rather avoid their families, though, might be feeling apprehensive about spending the actual holiday alone. All those warm-and-gushy movies on TV can make a turkey dinner for one seem kind of sad, after all, no matter how determined you are to prevent the spread of COVID Of course, it's totally possible to have the best Thanksgiving of your life, while also seeing literally no one or maybe just a roommate or partner — it just takes a little prep work, Dr.

Beurkens says, and now is the time to start. Here, her best tips.

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Use technology to your advantage. Remember last year, when we all resolved to be less tech-connected during Anyway, your phone is the best way to stay connected to the people who are meaningful to you this year, Dr.

Beurkens says. Schedule a quick call or FaceTime with the people you love, so you can feel a little less lonely. Make sure to set it up ahead of time, so you can definitely connect.

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Focus on practicing gratitude. I can't be the only one whose family goes around the dinner table saying what they're thankful for each Turkey Day. Do the same thing, but solo, Dr. Beurkens suggests. It will pay off: Participating in gratitude writing exercises as part of therapy has long-lasting positive impacts on your mental wellbeing, according to study out of Indiana University. The key: Don't try to conjure up random stuff you feel thankful for, and don't list things that you know you should be grateful for, if you don't truly feel connected to it.

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Instead, try to pay attention to the little moments or joys in your life that truly make you feel happy — the warm cup of tea you're drinking right now; the day off work; your favorite movie on TV; your group text and all your friends who have checked in. You can write down a list of what you're grateful for on a piece of paper, jot it down in the Notes app of your phone, or just spend some dedicated time meditating on your gratitude.

Do something for others. Volunteering will look different this year, due to the pandemic. So think outside the box: Send flowers to a senior center, write cards to people in need, purchase holiday gifts for needy families, donate cash. There's reason to get creative.

Not only do these actions help others, they also help you have a more joyous solo holiday.

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That can feel overwhelming," Dr. Beurkens explains. Maybe stay off social media. Ultimately, this one is a personal choice. If so, spend a day off the 'gram. Instead of mindlessly scrolling, focus on watching your favorite show, reading a new book, or even just taking a nap.

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The jury's out on TikTok though — a random tarot card pull may be just what you need. Don't ignore your true feelings. Please, don't put any pressure on yourself to have the Best Thanksgiving Ever to mask feelings of sadness and loneliness. If there's just one good thing about spending the holidays alone, it's that we should be free of unrealistic expectations!

The flip side of this is that wallowing in your feelings isn't helpful either, Dr. Beurkens points out. So here's the key: Acknowledge how you feel. Spend a few minutes sitting with those feelings. Then, ask yourself: 'How can I make the best of this? My favorite is turning on Friendsa perfect mindless TV show. I'd recommend checking out our list of Thanksgiving episodes, rankedto start your binge. Do whatever you want to do. You know how sometimes you find yourself with a random free day? A whole 24 hours, with no plans, nowhere to be, no one to see — bliss.

Tap into that secretive joy on your solo Thanksgiving. If you want to spend the entire day in your pajamas, watching movies, and eating ice cream out of the carton, then do it! If you spend a few hours cooking the traditional Thanksgiving food you'd eat with your family, then have a Zoom dinner, you can do that too. There's no right or wrong way to celebrate the holidays by yourself. It's all about what brings you joy that day — even if it means doing absolutely nothing.

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Lonely on thanksgiving

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How to celebrate Thanksgiving alone and actually enjoy it