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This blog may contain affiliate links. Read our disclosure policy for more info. Plus, the scenery is epic! It truly is one of the prettiest towns and lakes in New Zealand. For such a tiny town there are so many things to do in Lake Tekapo. Lake Tekapo is also picture-perfect, so, over the years it has grown into a very popular vacation spot. And as a result, more and more activities in Tekapo have popped up. Some of my favorite things to do in Tekapo include star gazing from a Lake Tekapo nude Lake Tekapo pool in one of the only Dark Sky Reserves in New Zealand and photographing the most beautiful Church you will ever lay your eyes on.

I have personally visited Lake Tekapo more times than I can count. This blog will surely help you plan an amazing visit to Tekapo! For visitors it is conveniently located only 1 hour from Mount Cook Village and from the popular town of Queenstown my hometownyou can reach Lake Tekapo in around 3 hours.

The town of Tekapo sits on the shore of what is known as the bluest lake in New Zealand and is only home to an extremely small local population. Despite this, Tekapo sees plenty of visitors and is easily one of the most popular lake destinations in NZ. Another very popular time to visit Lake Tekapo is in mid-November when the lupins that grow around the lake are in full bloom. This bloom usually lasts until the end of December but mid to end of November is the most ideal time. Because Lake Tekapo is so popular it is very important to book your accommodation during the summer months well in advance.

The best value options certainly book up fast as well as holiday parks for campervans and motorhomes. In the winter you can usually book hotels last minute without any worries. For me, relaxing by the lake and enjoying the views with a coffee in hand is still one of my favorites past times. The best part is, it will likely be yours too! Related read: Visiting Lake Tekapo from Wanaka? Check out all the best stops between Wanaka and Christchurch which includes the best stops between Wanaka and Lake Tekapo.

Lake Tekapo is known for its beautiful watercolor as well as its proximity and access to the Southern Alps. Lake Tekapo is a kilometer miles drive from Queenstown that without stopping takes 3 hours. With that said, there are lots of beautiful places to visit along the way which will make the journey take much longer.

The best things to do in Lake Tekapo are: 1. Go Stargazing 2. Visit the Tekapo Hot Springs 3. Photograph the Church of Good Shepard 4. Enjoy the lupins 5. Visit Lake Alexandrina 6. Check out the Mackenzie Sheep Dog Statue 7. Hot the slopes 8. Check out the blue water of Lake Pukaki 9. Go Jetboating Drink coffee at Jack Rabbit Hike Mount john Summit a 4wd tour Dinner and drinks at Dark Sky Diner Walk the Penisula Walkway SUP and Kayaking on the lake Enjoy a scenic flight Visit Farlie and Lake Opuha Step back in time at Burkes Pass Go golfing Visit Mount Cook National Park.

So, Tekapo is without a doubt one of the best places to go stargazing in New Zealand. The Mount John Observatory is the ultimate mountaintop stargazing experience. Run by the University of Canterbury, indulge in the science and stories of the night sky by your charming and knowledgeable guide. The tour is minutes total. In the case of bad weather, your tour can learn inside the purpose-built technological and interactive venue. Worth noting is this is an extremely popular activity so advance booking is essential.

Another cool tour is the Stargazing and Tekapo Springs tour. This is the only guided hot pool and stargazing tour in New Zealand. Imagine that — soaking in a On the two-hour tour at Tekapo Springs, you will learn all about stars, planets, and galaxies. With that said, it helps to go on a day with no light from the moon, and in winter, the Milky Way is easier to see. At Tekapo Springs you can indulge in 3 different hot pools, which, interestingly are named after popular areas in the region because they are shaped like these areas.

Tekapo Springs really is the perfect place to relax for a couple of hours. Not forgetting the stunning views of Lake Tekapo and the surrounding mountains that can be seen from every part of the Springs. For a cool experience go after dark.

The rate is more if you wish to use the sauna and steam rooms. In winter, the area is Lake Tekapo nude Lake Tekapo and you can enjoy ice skating on the outdoor rink or ride on a snow tube! This adorable little church is one of my favorite places to photograph on the South Island.

It is for this reason that this church is incredibly popular with tourists. My advice is to get here early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the crowds. Even better if you can manage to get here for sunrise or sunset or after dark for the best photo opp. Important to note is you cannot take photos inside the church. And of course, seeing as it is a place of worship please be respectful. Lupin season in New Zealand is a huge tourism booster to many areas of the country. One of the most famous spots to photograph the lupins is on the shores of Lake Tekapo.

Thanks to the popularity of social Lake Tekapo nude Lake Tekapo, thousands of tourists flock to Lake Tekapo in lupin season just to photograph these gorgeously colorful flowers. Thousands of lupins grow along the shore of Lake Tekapo so this a great place to photograph them. However, a great secret spot is a lupin field just a 2-minute drive from Tekapo town on the road to Christchurch. Lupin season in Tekapo runs from November to the beginning of February, however the best time to see them is from mid-November to the end of December.

Little known fact — Lupins are in fact considered an invasive species in New Zealand and need to be kept under control.

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Considered a hidden gem by Tekapo locals, Lake Alexandrina is a high country lake about a 12 km drive 7. The lake is spring-fed with stunningly gorgeous scenery.

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You can spend the night here at the Lake Alexandrina Campground. The campground is basic but located right on the shores of the lake. There is a long-drop toilet. This statue is supposed to represent Friday. From the statue is a gorgeous vantage point over the milky blue waters of Lake Tekapo and the mountains beyond. Although most tend to think skiing can only be done in Queenstown and WanakaLake Tekapo actually offers two nearby ski resorts you can visit! The recently introduced mega rope tow the longest and steepest in the world makes Roundhill very attractive to advanced skiers.

Ohau Ski Area is also not too far from Tekapo. It is 94 kilometers Ohau is known as a mountain for all abilities. You can hike from the top to more difficult off-piste runs that are great for powder lovers or experienced skiers. Unlike Tekapo, there is no town and no facilities just toilets at Lake Pukaki. On a fine day, you can spot Mount Cook in the distance. In lupin season late November to early February you can spot thousands of these gorgeous flowers along the edge of Lake Tekapo nude Lake Tekapo lake.

If you want to stretch your legs, take a walk along the short Lake Pukaki Shoreline Walk. This beautiful trail takes you to a viewpoint over the lake which is perfect for viewing the water and Mount Cook. Another really cool thing about this spot is the freedom camping area on the lake. Here you can camp completely free in a self-contained campervan or motorhome.

For the more adventurous travelers, a jet boat ride is a fun and unique way to explore the Tekapo region. Your driver will stop during the tour so you can photograph the many scenic viewpoints. Learn all about the history of the area as you cruise up the Lake. Those that know me, know that I love coffee.

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In fact, there as so many cafes in Queenstown that I visit almost every week! Lake Tekapo also offers its fair share of beautiful and delicious cafes. Serving up excellent coffee, a yummy breakfast, and lunch menu as well as smaller items from the cabinet.

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I love their tasty pies! This is a great spot to refuel after indulging in one of the many fantastic activities in Tekapo. The track starts just before Tekapo Springs and is well -posted. There are in fact two routes to get to the top. The fastest route is the circuit track which takes you steeply up through mostly forested areas.

Allow 1. This is a looped track that can be done either clockwise or anti-clockwise. I personally prefer to start with the short track to the summit up to Mount John and then return via the lakeshore track which is well posted at the top. This will take about 3 hours but offers much better views. Once you reach the top, you will be treated to degree views of the Mackenzie Basin and Lake Tekapo. You will be driven through the high country surrounding Tekapo, spotting sheep stations and the pure wilderness of the backcountry as you go.

All in a luxurious Land Rover 4WD vehicle. Spot wild sheep and red deer on your way to a Musterers Hut which is only accessible by 4WD. Here, you will have some tea and snacks. Located at the Dark Sky Project on Motuariki Lane, this is the perfect place to sit back, relax, and enjoy the breathtaking lakeside views. It Lake Tekapo nude Lake Tekapo from 4 pm on Thursday and 12 pm on the weekends and has an excellent food menu serving up everything from toasties to fajitas to cheese boards.

If you head there after you you can also view the stars from the comfort of a heated building.

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From the parking lot, the track follows the shoreline around the peninsula. Return via Godley Peaks Road. There are lovely views of the lake, Mt John, and surrounding mountains. I personally love this trail simply for the views of Lake Tekapo.

A few minutes down this road and you will come to the Peninsula Walkway parking lot. Operating during the summer months, this is a great way to explore Lake Tekapo. Operating hours are typically from 10 am to 6 pm.

Lake Tekapo nude Lake Tekapo

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