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Democratic voters interviewed this week said they were perturbed by the news that Democratic U. Senate candidate Cal Cunningham strayed outside his marriagebut they said they still support him.

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The first statewide poll conducted since the scandal broke seemed to validate their views, perhaps hinting at a lower level of concern modern voters place on extramarital transgressions. Cunningham, who is married with two children, apologized over the weekend for exchanging sexual text messages with another married woman, public relations strategist Arlene Guzman Todd. The story was initially reported by the conservative website National File. Brinkman did not name her friend.

The Tillis-Cunningham race could determine which political party controls the Senate. However, I would still support him for Senate. In fact, I have already voted and done so. In recent months, Cunningham has maintained a single-digit lead over Tillis in polls.

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Cunningham has also outraised the Republican incumbent. The first poll since the initial sexting report shows Cunningham remaining the clear, if somewhat dented, frontrunner. More respondents held a negative view of Cunningham than a positive view, though his favorability still outpaced Tillis' net favorability rating by 21 points. But further allegations of infidelity, like Tuesday's AP report, could intensify the political damage.

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The themes of his campaign really complicate and contradict everything now. Cunningham is a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve and the military can prosecute personnel for adultery, said Paul Dubbeling, a Chapel Hill-based lawyer and former military prosecutor. To be subject to prosecution, the adultery must include sexual intercourse and have occurred while on active duty.

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John Edwards, whose own political career ended after a sex scandal in the s. Yet the importance voters tie to political sex scandals, Roberts said, has diminished over time. Yet even minimal fallout from the Cunningham affair revelations could Lady looking sex Cunningham vital in a swing state like North Carolina, especially when Cunningham often highlights his probity in interviews and.

Clearly, this story pierces that persona and may cause some voters to call into question whether there are other parts of his story that are similarly full of hot air. If Joe Biden carries his lead in the polls through November and becomes president, Democrats would need to flip three Senate seats to control the upper chamber of Congres.

If Cunningham experiences any downward movement in polls before Election Day on Nov. Roberts said the latest revelations in the Cunningham scandal "al to me that Tillis could win North Carolina, even if North Carolina goes for Biden. Michael Harf, a small business owner in Raleigh, sees politically minded people in both North Carolina and New York — where he spends part of the year — tracking the Tar Heel Senate race.

Harf pointed out another reason why this weekend's news isn't likely to dictate the election's outcome: Mail-in voting is already underway.

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Reach him at bgordon gannett. Keep local journalism possible with a subscription to the Citizen Times. Facebook Twitter. Senate at risk, the Democratic candidate, who is married, has found himself in hot water after it came out he had sent sexual text messages to another married woman.

Lady looking sex Cunningham

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Cal Cunningham admits to sending sexts to woman who is not his wife