Ko samet island

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Ko Samet has developed steadily over the past decade or so, but it hasn't been the victim of over-zealous construction found on Ko Samui and Ko Chang. The island is surrounded by tropical coral reefs and relatively clean seas. Tourists can also enjoy delicious cuisine and fine nightlife.

It's a popular tourist destination for both Thais and foreigners. As Ko Samet is close to Bangkok, the island is ideal for those in the capital wanting to relax with their families for a couple of days, without having to go through all the rigmarole of travelling down south. Even though Ko Samet is only a few kilometres from the mainland, the island with its micro-climate the driest archipelago in Thailand gets much less rainfall than the rest of Eastern Thailand. The Ko samet island season is May-Sep but even then it still has ificantly less rain than the other islands in Thailand.

It is believed that Ko Samet used to be the home of pirates and that there is still buried treasure somewhere on the island. Although Bangkok residents have known about the beauty of Ko Samet for decades, the Thai government put this island off-limits and restricted overnight stays there untilwhen the Forestry Department of Thailand declared Ko Samet and its surroundings to be a national park and thus open for business. Thai adults, 40 baht; children, 20 baht.

Foreign adults, baht; children, baht Jun This two-tier pricing policy is applicable to all national parks. However, if you can demonstrate that you live or work in Thailand you may not have to pay the tourist price. As Ko Samet is an island, you first have to drive to Rayong. The total distance to Rayong is approximately km. If you drive onto Hwy 36 at Bang Lamung before Pattayayou'll take a shortcut inland and save about 45 km, although the scenery is not as impressive. Taxis are available from Rayong. The metered fare is approximately 1, baht, but most drivers will want to go "off-meter" for Ko samet island fare ranging from 1, baht to 2, baht.

Expressway tolls of about baht are additional. You can either take a taxi from your hotel or guesthouse that is willing to make the drive on the spot, or pre-arrange a pickup from a taxi driver you like by asking for his mobile phone and calling to make a booking. This works best if you have a native Thai speaker to help you.

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It only takes you to Rayongfrom where you can take a songthaew 20 baht to Ban Phe. There are direct first-class bus services between Rayong and Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport. If you take a regular bus from Pattaya or Sattahipyou'll need to take a songthaew or charter a tuk-tuk to the ferry piers. There are also minivans that leave from Victory Monument in Bangkok's Phahonyothin district. They charge baht per person and take you directly to the ferry piers. This is a slightly nicer alternative to the larger tourist buses that depart from bus stations. The minivans drive faster than the tourist buses, but they also make several stops along the way in Rayong which makes the trip about the same time.

Also, the ride is quite bumpy, so even reading a book is a challenge.

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From the airport, it is about one hour by car or bus to reach the pier. This mode of transport is only recommended for travellers from Southern Thailand. Only buy a one-way ticket 50 bahtas there's no discount on round-trip tickets baht and you won't have to worry about losing it or finding that your ticket isn't valid for the most convenient return ferry. The ticket sellers state you must buy your national park ticket from them also but this can be done at the gate as you enter the park. One-way tickets are half the price of a round-trip, you might need to insist of booking one.

The boats tend to wait until full so timetable is more like a hint than a fixed departure time. There are two speedboat companies that operate from Ban Phe. Speedboat prices can range from baht to Nadan Pier to a few thousand baht for the outer-lying bays and beaches. It doesn't matter which one you departed from as they are only a short walk apart, and you might get an earlier boat back if you are willing to be flexible and return to a different pier.

Both are served by songthaews: Ban Phe has an informal "taxi stand" in front of the 7-Eleven across the street with passenger cars used as taxis Ko samet island no need to go looking for them as they will find you. The island is very small in comparison to the more populated Thai islands, so exploring the island can easily be done on foot, bike, or by hiring a motorbike and driving down the island to visit a few of the smaller more secluded beaches and taking in some of the more naturally forested areas further down to the south of the island.

ATVs are no longer Ko samet island on the island. The island has only a single main road.

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Some parts are Ko samet island and some parts are only a dirt trail which get quite bumpy. There are two ways to get round the island. The first is by songthaew usually a rather well-worn pickup truck with two benches in the back and no roofwhich costs baht for a private trip, or between 20 and 60 baht per person when full, depending on which beach you are going to.

This is a rather expensive method to get around the island, and the dusty ro can make it an uncomfortable trip. You will usually be able to rent it from your hotel. Leaving your passport or a deposit is not necessary or advisable. The island has more motorbike hire shops than any other shops so they are not hard to locate and prices are standard ranging from baht per day for manual or automatic bikes. Before hiring a bike you should be aware that once you enter the main national park entrance the ro are in very poor condition and only people with some experience should to tackle them.

Most beaches are on the east side of the island. The beaches hide in small bays and stretch some m. The only beach on the west side is Ao Phrahis. The spelling of beach names can vary due to transliteration. From Ao Kiew Nok, visitors can walk to Ao Kiew Nai along the road but getting a lift is better as it's hot, there's no breeze and not much to see. All operators charge a flat rate of baht per person for a round trip or 50 baht for a single journey. Boats can leave any time more than 20 passengers are waiting.

The service is available around the clock, seven days a week. It's best to just buy a one way ticket from the pier and head down to the end to wait. The hourly boat service from Ban Phe runs from On the return trip from Samet, the boat leaves at,and The company also offers a speed boat service at 1, baht a trip for 12 people to the main port, or higher rates for other routes.

A parking service on the main land is available. With coral reefs, tourists can enjoy fishing here. A rental boat service is available at the port in Ban Phe. Ko Kudi totals an area of 63 rai 10 ha. A nice beach and coral reefs make it a nice place for a hideaway. For more information, call Tel. The island has an area of 69 rai 11 hamost remains lush forest.

While high cliffs occupy the west, white sandy beaches occupy the east and south of the island. Ko Thalu is a habitat of seagulls, flying fox, and turtles. They should prepare food and water, as there is neither facilities nor food supplies available on such islands. Ko Samet is a laid-back island where the Ko samet island is less on things to do and more on enjoying the islands beaches.

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For those people who do want something to do the island does have a few activities to enjoy if the beauty of the beaches is not quite enough to keep you occupied. From the simplest of activities such as walks along the beach, all the way through to taking your PADI Scuba Diving certificate there are an array of ways to keep yourself active. Seafood, seafood and seafood, some of the best barbecues are found along Ao Phai and Haat Sai Kaew beaches but they are found on all beaches and most serve the same as the next.

There's also local food, curries, pizza, steaks and hamburgers. Almost every hotel and bungalow operation has its own restaurant but it's only the movies that differentiate them. Many also set up tables and chairs at night for dining on the beach. Crowds don't always mean they are good. The day trip companies make deals with restaurants and take their customers there. If you are relaxing Ko samet island the beach during the day there are plenty of hawkers selling fresh fruit, BBQ chicken wings, dried squid, papaya salad can be extremely spicy and even ice Ko samet island slightly more expensive than if you got up to get it.

At night check out the roti stands that pop up everywhere. This crepe-like desert can be filled with banana and topped with chocolate syrup or sweetened condensed milk, or any of other combinations from 40 baht. In town Nadanthere are a few traditional Thai restaurants that serve good quality Thai food priced for locals. Most have menus in English. If you are after a traditional Thai breakfast there are a couple of ladies who set up their mobile eatery daily next to the Tourist Police checkpoint that services Haat Sai Kaew.

They serve boiled chicken on rice khao man gai tomfried chicken and rice khao man gai tot or rice porridge jok for baht. The food is fresh and they do a brisk trade serving locals as well as a few tourists. Place all ingredients in sand bucket and drink via straw.

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Repeat until the sandy beach rises up to meet you. Although Ko Samet is not a renowned party island, Hat Sai Kaew and Ao Phai do get their fair share of backpackers, and therefore have their fair share of parties. Every day on Ao Phai flyers are handed out from the different bars that advertise the drink specials for that night, and might even give you a free drink.

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Biggest nights are generally Th-Sa, when more backpackers, expats and locals from Bangkok come to the island.

Ko samet island

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