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Employees in these offices have been continuing to perform mission-essential services that do not require face-to-face contact with the public while the offices are closed. While offices are temporarily closed, USCIS will continue to provide limited emergency in-person services.

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USCIS field offices will send notices to applicants and petitioners with scheduled appointments and naturalization ceremonies impacted by the extended temporary closure. USCIS asylum offices will send interview cancellation notices and automatically reschedule asylum interviews.

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When the interview is rescheduled, asylum applicants will receive a new interview notice with the new time, date and location of the interview. Individuals will receive a new appointment letter in the mail. For the latest information on the status of an office, please visit the USCIS website by clicking here. Please me up to receive alerts from other Gunster practice areas.

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email: [email protected] - phone:(759) 750-8730 x 9771

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