I want to be an extreme shoppercupons

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All I had to do was n up and my cashback and lo of discounts from many UK top brands would be mine. I never agreed such a charge and at no point did there offer mention a ing fee. What a scam. Ive tried to call but the office is closed due to severe weather!! Hello wellies: I just read your post and would very much like to provide you with detailed information about your membership. This way we can help answer your specific queries. You can by calling our customer service team on [protected] this is a free phone. Alternatively, you can contact me directly at [ protected] If you contact me directly, please reference this post.

Regards, Mary Customer Service. We can help you better and resolve your specific queries or concerns if you directly. You can do so by visiting our own online member forum where we can answer your questions. Once on the site please post a question and our community manager will be able to respond to you directly.

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Alternatively, for more information about your specific membership you can contact me directly at [ protected] If you contact me directly, please reference this forum. Regards, Maryo. They will be able to provide you with further information and I hope be able to resolve your issue. Alternatively, if you have a specific question regarding your credit card and membership I strongly recommend you contact me directly at [ protected] If you do contact me directly please reference this forum.

Regards, Maryo Customer Service. I will send you an directly with more detailed information. In the meantime, please feel free to contact me at [ protected] I will be happy to assist you. Hello daveypo9 I just read your post and would very much like to assist you. However, I don't know who you are. Please contact our customer service team on [protected] this is a free phone.

We will be happy to resolve your inquiry Regards, Maryo. Hello Anthony: I just read your post and would very much like to assist you. Please don't hesistate to contact our customer service team on [protected] this is a free phone. Hello Penny: I just read your post and it's important to me that your concern is addressed and that your query is resolved. If you would like my assistance, please contact me directly at [ protected] If you do contact me directly, please reference this post. Best regards, Mary. Hello C. We have thousands of consumers who save hundreds of pounds each year.

Our discount offers and cashback deals make a real difference in this difficult economic environment. It is not possible to be registered based on data from a transaction. You also need to create and verify a password and agree to our membership terms. Members are free to cancel their membership at any time. If you have any questions about your membership, please call our customer service team at [protected] freephone or you can contact me directly at [ protected] If you contact me, please reference this forum.

Thanks, Mary Customer Service. I have I want to be an extreme shoppercupons been in touch with Tesco my credit card supplier and they inform me this has been being deducted since October They tell me i cant get any of the money back but it has stopped from now. I have never ed up to any such thing so this is a complete SCAM. Lessons learned:- Check your statements. Buyer Beware is the motto today. Hello Tegen: I just read your post here and will be happy to assist you. I have sent an directly to you with a full resolution to your query. I sent it to the address we have on record with your membership.

If you did not receive this from me, please contact me at [ protected] Shopper Discounts and Rewards is a savings programme for people who shop online regularly. Members can cancel their membership at any time. There is no other way of creating a membership but to provide your details in full. I hope that this message and the that I sent to you directly resolved your query to your satisfaction.

I have just checked my bank details and 15 pounds has been taken from me and I have never ed up. I dont want to be part of this membership can you take me off your books and re-fund me. I don't know who is deducting this apparently it is from shopperdiscount. You did not specify. If this is a financial institution charge, then you need to talk to them. It could be something as simple as a monthly service fee.

If it's not your financial institution, then your statement should tell you who this charge is from - or your bank can find out who it's from and their contact information. Then you need to contact that organization and ask them to cancel what ever the monthly fee is that they are charging you. You have to take action for yourself with them directly. Be proactive. Get on the phone - make phone calls and find out who, where and why this charge is happening.

You first contact should be your financial institution. They should be willing to help you get the issue resolved if this is indeed an unauthorized charge to your. I attempted to contact [ protected] with the e mail below, but failed to send it. I need answers and acknowledgement! This money has been taken unbeknownst to me, against my will and better judgement and is tantamount to stealing! I have received no service whatsoever for this money and I want to be an extreme shoppercupons like the sum total refunded asap. I am retired and can ill afford to pay my own bills let alone yours!

I have no wish whatsoever to be part of this scam and unless my money is refunded will be contacting Watchdog with the evidence. That's great I thought!

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I will be informing my bank of this and Argos stores. Here's hoping that my trust in human nature can be restored. I am not away of ever setting up an with these people and wish to get my money refunded. I have been scammed by this company. They called me on the phone and talked very fast and I had just woke up and was still a little fuzzy. I know this because when I called them I could not get to speak to same people who first called.

It is bogus and I would like to get this all over the internet to keep others from getting s I think they are in another country because the 3 different women I talked to I could not understand them. They speak some sort of asian accent and we all know what that is like trying to talk to those people. I am Ped off. Apparently, all I did was to book myself into a Premier Inn at Hull for a funeral! All I wanted to do was make an international phone call, some how this obnoxious telemarketer comes on the line and does not take NO for an answer.

Cons me and now I can not get ahold of the company to tell them NO and do not charge my Visa!! Total is 40pound. I think I ed for that during bought a megabus ticket. I want to receive my money.

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I didn't use any your service. Hi Shopperdiscount. Can someone help? Will I get my money back. Whatever for. I don't want or need to pay for a service I can get for free and do every single week. I have ed them but as far as I am concerned they are nothing but thieves.

I guess I stupidly must have given them my bank details but I don't remember doing this. I did give Pizza Hut my debit card details and I guess this is how they have charged me.

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My fiance was also duped by these rogues. We only got to know about it when we received a telephone call from his bank on a Sunday afternoon. They advised they had been notified by Police due to an ongoing card fraud investigation. Make of that what you will? Of course we were slightly dubious about the phone call. The bank advised to legitimise the call, my fiance should call in his branch on the Monday morning and all the details would be on his file.

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It was. In the meantime they cancelled his card and re-issued another. Anyone had any luck getting more than the token 6 month refund? I'm not comfortable ing any legal documents over to the soulless scumsuckers. I ed up for "myshopperdiscount" via a solicited phone call, on Feb. I was told I would be getting information about this in the mail in 7 to 10 days. As of March 15, I still have not received anything via mail. All these charges were done on the same day. I cancelled all of these online and only hope that everything is now back to no charges for next month.

We'll see. Regards, Mary. Avoid this company at all costs - they are underhand and dishonest and will charge you monthly fees without you knowing. They claim to send you monthly s about your '' but at no time since ing up were these received - but you can't argue because they simply say they have it on record.

Do not even CONSIDER purchasing anything via this website - go elsewhere, they are a backyard operation and do nothing for the integrity of online shopping.

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They should be closed down or at the very least more honest in how they deal with consumers. Do yourself a favour and avoid this website. So now i have to wait for a new debit card :.

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Anyway i rang the [protected] after ringing MandMDirect and shopperdiscontsandrewards cancelled my membership and are refunding my .

I want to be an extreme shoppercupons

email: [email protected] - phone:(822) 800-1410 x 5764

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