I fucked my girlfriend stories

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We had talked about it for awhile, but this weekend we finally got drunk enough and everything worked out. Background: my gf and I had talked about having a mfm threesome for some time with my bestfriend but it had just never come to fruition. Eventually we stopped talking so much about it but every once awhile during sex I would bring it up and she would show slight interest. Started off not intentional, we had all gotten pretty drunk and my gf goes back to the bedroom to change into her bed clothes. Not like full on lingerie but you can definitely tell she wanted to show herself off.

This is when the idea first came into my head. My buddy and I had been playing call of duty and so she was seated on the couch behind us. After one of the rounds I remember looking back and talking to her and seeing her what seemed to be intentionally flashing her panties with her legs open.

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Pretty sure my friend saw this as well. We play a few more rounds and she eventually lays down on the couch and begins acting like she is going to fall asleep. I realize I have to make the move now and so I ask if she wants to go back to the bedroom. She says yes and gets up from the couch, as she does her nightgown comes up I fucked my girlfriend stories about half of her ass as she walks back to the bedroom. I asked if he wanted to come back to the bedroom with us, just to watch. Him being in a new relationship he was hesitant at first, but agreed. When we walked into the room my gf was already lying in bed.

The room was dark, and so I turned on a set of dim string lights we have strung around our headboard. She protested to the light at first, until she realized I had brought my friend in the room with me. I told her he just wanted to watch. She said nothing. I went straight for it and pulled up her nightgown revealing her perky round ass. The color of her thong contrasted perfectly to her skin in the light. I rubbed and grabbed at her ass and then pulled down her thong. She lifted her ass to allow me to get them all the way off which highlighted her curves and put her pussy on full display to my friend who had still been standing and watching.

I began to rub her pussy which was already wet and she lifted one leg to open it up further. I looked to my friend and told him to feel it. He reached down and grabbed a hand full of ass and rubbed her pussy for a few seconds.

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I think at this point she realized it was all real now, and so did I. I quickly took my clothes off and got back into the bed behind her. I fucked her while she lied on her stomach for maybe 30 seconds and then told her to rotate her face towards where my friend had been standing. I told her to suck his dick.

Without hesitation he took his clothes off and revealing his massive dick. She was on her back at this point slightly arched up with me fucking her still when she reached out and grabbed his dick. She immediately put it in her mouth and went to work.

I remember hearing the gagging sloppy wet sounds she made as she sucked his dick which I had never heard from her before. Actually it had been quite some time since I had even gotten head from her. She reached out with one hand as well and was stroking his shaft while sucking and gagging. He began to get more involved at this point as well and told her to get him nice and hard and he began playing with her tits and grabbing her face while she sucked him.

We eventually worked her completely out of her nightgown so we were all completely naked.

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While I was fucking her, and with his dick in her mouth he then reached down to her pussy and gave it a few slaps and rubs. Eventually I made the next move and told him to try her pussy out. The whole idea of sharing is what really led to this fantasy for me. We had been sideways on the bed with my friend standing off of it, and so she adjusted herself. My thinking was that she was just going to reverse her position, however she rotated 90 degrees with her head now on her pillow and he jumped up into the bed with her. Looking back now, this makes me think that she just wanted to fuck him at this point and did not want to suck my dick, however at the time In the moment I did not think of this and just stood next to her and put my dick in her mouth.

She gagged and gave me just as sloppy of head as she gave him, which made me feel good. He was still very into it and grabbing her tits and rubbing her. Eventually he said to switch positions again.

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This time doggy. When she got into doggy and lifted her ass up I could see much more of him penetrating her. For the first 30 seconds of him fucking her doggy she had trouble concentrating on sucking my dick and eventually just put her head down moaning in pleasure. I backed off of her a little bit and she continued sucking and gagging like I had never heard her before.

After a few minutes we switched again with me getting behind her to fuck her in doggy. I was excited to reclaim her soft wet tight pussy. She went back to work on sucking him again and after a few minutes I felt her pussy convulse and she squirted all over my dick. I have made her squirt before, but never during sex, which turned me on even more. Realizing she was getting close to being done I wanted to put them both in position for the last thing I wanted to try. I told my friend to lay down on the bed and her to I fucked my girlfriend stories on top of him. He said oh yeah let me suck them titties as she got on top of him and slid his massive dick inside her.

I got behind her in preparation for my next move, however she continued fucking him for about a minute and I let her enjoy herself, still taking it all in. He sucked her tits and eventually pulled her in and began to make out with her. As he did this he reached back and spread her open saying fuckin DP her which had been my intention anyway it took me awhile to get in proper position but when I finally did i think she was ready for it as well because my dick slid right into her right little ass, which normally takes some work.

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After I came, things slowed down and she got off of him after I removed myself from her. We all cleaned up and he said his farewells. Forward to today, two days later. She has told me no both days. One of the reasons I wanted to do this with her is to help restart our sex life which has been kind of trailing off lately.

No regrets but Still hoping that she gets more sexual with me as well. Not really asking for advice but it would be appreciated if anyone has been through something similar. Other than that, this is my first time posting something like this so sorry if it was all over the place. Source: reddit. You were supposed to cuddle her and kiss her forehead.

Tell her how proud of her you were for expanding her boundaries. Letting her know she was still your baby. You kinda played her like a hoe. Now her energy has changed. Plus you let your boy dominate her in YOUR presence. If the answer is no, then you played yourself.

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But you live and you learn. Play with fire, sometimes you get burned. I hope you have game enough to fix this. I finally let my girl get fucked by my bestfriend MFM We had talked about it for awhile, but this weekend we finally got drunk enough and everything worked out.

Top posts. Sext: I want you to cum for me.

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I fucked my girlfriend stories

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