Husband love to wife

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You've only seen one. Check out this post which is one of the most popular of all time. It is important to know how your husband shows love to you. But there is something you can do about it. How does a husband show love to his wife? A husband shows love to his wife by meeting her needs and serving her. He does the small things in the day to day life.

Men and women work very differently. In order for a wife to see that her husband does love her she needs to understand how her husband thinks. He spends time with you. Especially if he has to sacrifice other things to make the time. That means that the relationship is a priority. He listens to you. Not just hears you but actually listens to what you say.

He asks for what you have to say. He knows when to respond and when to just listen. He understands your point of view and your side of the story. He listens because he cares.

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He works hard. You are the reason that he gets up every morning to go to work.

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He shares. Not only did your husband choose to share his life with you but you were the one person he chose out of everyone else in the world. He shares everything with you. He may even share his fries with you. Sharing is caring. He shows PDA. Does he hug and kiss you? Does he use cheesy pick up lines? Tell dumb jokes to get you to laugh?

Some things might be annoying but he does it because he loves you. He listens to your ideas. He wants to know your thoughts and values your opinions. This could be watching a chick flick or taking care of the yard. Not just physically but mentally and emotionally too. You may even feel that he is present when he is not physically there.

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He brushes away distractions so he can focus on you. He is sensitive to your feelings. His words build you up. He stands up for you if someone says something insensitive. He involves you in big decisions. He not only involves you in big decisions but he wants to know what you think about them. He values your input and participation. He tries to know you in a deeper more personal way.

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He misses you. He misses you when you get separated. He misses you and lets you know. Your husband probably does many of these.

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Hopefully you can see at least some things he does for you because he loves you. But not all of these will have you feeling loved. Chances are that some of them are more important to you than others. In order to really feel loved you need to make sure that he knows your love language. These are the 5 love languages. They were discovered by Dr Gary Chapman. If you are unfamiliar with the five love languages you may not know which one is yours.

Look at the list above and think about which one might be your love language. He needs to show love to you in your love language. So tell him what your love language is. Feel free to discuss this. Imagine speaking to him in french and him speaking to you in mandarin.

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That would be a confusing conversation. Make sure he knows what your love language is. There is a lot that your husband can say or do to show his love for you. Point is that the biggest nicest gestures will be hollow if your basic needs are not met. You needs being met is the cake and the nice unexpected things are the frosting. So ask yourself what your needs are. This really needs to be done first. You really might have to tell him how to do it. Help your husband to understand the following. A few Husband love to wife that women have:. A woman needs to be cherished.

She need to feel like a princess. She needs to feel like her husband is her best friend, Her teammate. A woman needs to be wanted and needed. She needs her value to be appreciated and needed. Help your husband to show gratitude. A woman needs to feel safe and secure. She needs to know that she can rely on her husband to provide for her and protect her. A woman needs to feel connected. She needs some form of organization and structure. Find your love language and share with him so that he can use it to show love more effectively.

Sit down and tell him what your basic needs are and help him meet them. Sometimes you need to be really direct with men. But as you do these things you will begin to feel a better connection and and will grow closer together. You can learn more about the 5 love languages here.

You can even take their test to see what love language you have. Have you ever looked at your ificant other and thought that you wanted to do something really nice for them to show them how much you Husband love to wife them? Maybe you decided you wanted to write a love I'll be the first to admit that I'm no expert when it comes to pregnancy. Currently, I'm in the second trimester of my second pregnancy. Unfortunately, we miscarried our first child after three Before you go, check this out!

What Is A Love Language? The five love languages: Words of affirmation. Acts of service Receiving gifts Quality time Physical touch These are the 5 love languages. He Meets Your Needs There is a lot that your husband can say or do to show his love for you. A few needs that women have: A woman needs to be cherished. Related Resource: You can learn more about the 5 love languages here.

Husband love to wife

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