How to break up another relationship

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No matter how you dice them, breakups are rough. This is true even if things are ending on relatively good terms. One of the hardest parts of breaking up is simply figuring out how to do it. Should you explain your reasoning or spare them the details?

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Sometimes, you might have to break up with someone you still love. This can be incredibly difficult, but there are things you can do to make it a bit easier for everyone involved. Give close friends and family a he up that you might need some extra support in the coming days. It might seem natural to stay close to someone you still love, even after a breakup. This can help you both come to terms with the end of the relationship, work through difficult emotions, and begin the healing process.

If children are involved, you may have to communicate occasionally, but stick to child-related topics only. Avoid the temptation to break these boundaries, even if it seems harmless. Going back and forth will only prolong the process and make it more painful. Consider reaching out to friends and family or booking a hotel room, at least for the next few nights. This can get tricky. One of you may need to take over the lease.

Otherwise, the person whose name is not on the lease will usually be the one who moves out, although specific circumstances can vary. If you can, try to figure out what the options are beforehand to eliminate some of that stress for the other person.

Moving out of a shared residence after a breakup can involve a lot of stress and charged emotions. Arranging specific times to pack up your things can make it a little easier. If you have different work schedules, one of you can come while the other person is at work. If you got a pet together during your relationship, you might disagree on who keeps it.

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It may sound a little extreme, but one possible solution is to share custody of the pet. Of course, the possibility of this depends on the animal. A dog or reptile in a terrarium might easily travel between two homes in the same town. Cats, however, are a different story. They tend to be territorial and have a hard time adjusting to new surroundings. Answering these questions honestly can help you decide who the cat should live with. If you end the relationship as friends or on good terms, you could always offer to cat-sit or visit in the future. During a difficult breakup, you might struggle to set emotions aside when addressing the logistics of moving, splitting up belongings, and everything else involved.

But keeping calm can lead to better outcomes for both of you. The situation might be awkward, but try to handle it with a polite, professional attitude. Be prepared to tell them how the living situation will change. You and your partner should decide beforehand whether the non-parent will have any further contact.

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Children form close bonds with their caregivers, so they might become very upset if one suddenly drops out of the picture without explanation. But you may want to consider a few extra details before you have that conversation. Generally, a face-to-face conversation is the most respectful way to break up with someone.

If your partner lives several cities, states, or countries away and talking in-person would require ificant time or money, you may not be able to make this happen. You should avoid or text, but phone or video chat may be good options for ending a long-distance relationship. Whether you wait to break up or not can depend on your situation. If you already arranged a visit, you might decide to wait and have a breakup conversation in person. Make sure to consider whether this is fair to the other person. Avoid waiting to break up if you know the other person is planning to change their situation quit a job and move closer to you, for example based on your relationship.

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It can help to prepare the other person for a breakup conversation. Is there a good time when you can talk for a little while? At the very least, pick a time when you can both give your attention to a serious conversation. In other words, avoid breaking up with a quick call on your way to an appointment. A study involving participants suggests that people who experience more relationship satisfaction before breaking up are more likely to stay friends after a breakup.

Respecting their boundaries will only increase the chance that you may be friends one day. Polyamorous breakups pose some additional challenges because they affect several people. While many of the same advice applies, there are a few other things to consider. If your other partners were friendly or intimately involved with your ex-partner, the breakup could have reaching effects.

You have to not only process the breakup on your own, but also potentially sort through what happened and the feelings involved with each of your partners. How you handle leaving an entire poly relationship, rather than just breaking up with one partner, can depend on your reasons.

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But if the relationship involved dishonesty, manipulation, abuse, or less than ethical behavior, making a clean break with anyone involved is probably best. For extra support throughout the process, consider seeking out local poly groups or a poly-friendly therapist. Tell your loved ones about your plan to break up with your partner. If needed, store clothes and important belongings with people you trust, in case you have to leave in a hurry. Try to have the breakup conversation in a public place. This is also one of the rare cases in which a phone call or text might be more appropriate than a face-to-face conversation.

Keep a secure journal of abuse incidents, with photos if possible. Gather important documents and store them in a safe place.

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If you have children, involve them in your safety plan. Practice with children who are old enough to understand. Get them to a safe place before you have a breakup conversation, if possible. An abusive partner may try to manipulate or control you during the breakup process. They might assure you they love you and promise to change. You might miss them after you break up, even if they were abusive. You might even wonder if you made the right choice.

These feelings are normal, but they can be stressful.

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Consider reaching out to a therapist or advocate for help during this transition phase. Some people stay in relationships long after deciding to leave because they worry their partner might react badly, experience extreme emotional distress, or hurt themselves. That person can stay with your partner after the breakup and offer support until they pass the point of crisis.

If your partner is seeing a therapist, encourage them to call for support. Take your partner seriously and call for help if you need to. But follow through on your intention to break up. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind. Sort through your thoughts and plan what you want to say beforehand. If it helps, have a pretend conversation with someone you trust or just practice saying the words out loud to yourself. Above all, aim to keep things clear and simple without being overly negative. Note, though, that providing more detailed reasons could help the other person address any problems you noticed in your relationship.

It makes me feel unable to trust anything you say. While every breakup is different, there are a few things that are almost always a bad idea. Resist the urge to say negative things about your ex-partner after the breakup. If you need to vent, save that for private conversations with your friends and family. If they feel stalked or threatened, they could file a police report.

How to break up another relationship

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