How to ask someone for their phone number

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One of the trickiest parts about meeting a potential bae IRL is figuring out how to ask for their without coming on too strong. For those of us who live in big cities, making connections in passing can be extra tough because so many of us have our I'm on my somewhere and don't want to be bothered armor on. Or worse, we're so glued to our phones that interacting with an actual human who we don't already know feels too bizarre to handle.

Figuring out how to get someone's effectively depends on the specific circumstance. That's why having a few different approaches up your sleeve is key. After all, the thought of missing out on the bae of your dreams just because you couldn't come up with a strategy to get their is a huge bummer. Luckily, flirting your way into their contacts doesn't have to be as complicated as you might think. In the end, if someone thinks you're the type of person they'd be interested in seeing again, they're probably not going to say no.

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And if they do, it's important to be gracious, back off, and not dwell on it too much. So, here are some ways people on Reddit have asked someone for their .

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Even though working up the courage to put yourself out there can be tough, you just might connect with some really cool people in the end. Worst-case scenario, you get in some flirting practice. Best-case scenario, you score a date.

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Either way, you've got nothing to lose. By Tayi Sanusi. Start with some small talk. Talk about doing something together in the future. Try to make a genuine connection. Search Close.

How to ask someone for their phone number

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