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Then it pairs them off, faster than you can ponder whether a mouse and demon could really make a go of it out there in the real world. Bizarre antics aside, one is tempted to get a little optimistic about where dating shows are headed. Could this be a radical new dating show for furries? And these bods are fit, thin, hetero, and able-bodied. Another contestant is a self-professed nerd, he says, but definitely the hot kind. The show frequently cuts to contestants mugging for the camera with their best campy come-hithers, scenes that look more like a commercial for living it up after getting the Gardasil shot.

Sexy Beasts is no different—but in refusing to deviate, it immediately undermines its own anti-lookist premise. Still, chemistry is the goal.

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To that end, each episode pairs a masked chooser with three masked contestants, who enjoy a speed dating round full of excessive bravado and innuendo. Then, one contestant is eliminated for the crime of failing to vibe. Then, the two animal he left standing find out if they can bear to look at the real face they just ditched those other two smokeshows for. One is the awkward near-slapstick of watching a woman with a dolphin head try to nurse a beer, or a man with a beaver head try to kiss through enormous rubber teeth.

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Watching contestants struggle to cough up innuendo or a personality, occasionally for what seems like for the first time, is a treasure. Especially when those attempts are less than scintillating.

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And some really lean into the part, one growling caress at a time. An animal hotness pecking order quickly emerges.

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Viewers will find themselves wondering impatiently whether this rhinoceros or mandrill is good looking underneath, but also asking: Will the less attractive animal he be eliminated first? Am I sort of attracted to this wolf? Only time will tell if Sexy Beasts proves whether true love can be found by substituting human he for animal ones on a single date that appears to last about as long as a movie. Love Is Blind at least gave its also hot contestants far more time to chat. Maybe all this show proves is that attraction has a way of revealing itself, no matter what you throw over its head.

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