Handsome short men

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And I like girls who aren't fat. Don't you get offended by that, you judge us by our height, we judge you by your weight and size. You know, while we are all being sexist here. I mean tall is the general rule but honestly some short guys are hot because they walk tall does that make sense? Yea 5'4 is pretty pushing - that's a standard female height lol - I'm 6'2 in a pair of standard heels and naturally atheletic in build, so I'd feel so unfeminine if he was that short.

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Shouldn't a man feel masculine without the need for a woman to make him feel more or less masculine? You would think - but a lot of that boils Handsome short men to biology - men are naturally the bigger sex full of testosterone, aggression and bigness.

The shorter guy who works with me is really buff which makes up for the lack of " bigness " in his height. But he still legit looks powerful and tough without the size which appeals to me. I'm sure you're fine the way you are and I'm sure you don't need a guy to make you feel more feminine. I guess the word "awkward" would have been a more appropriate word to use in this case. I should take my own advice sometimes.

They kind of go a bit hand in hand I suppose lol. It can't be helped; I'm not a small delicate girl lol like the world puts me out to be - I work out and am tall - kind of intimidating he he - so it doesn't help if the guy who's suppose to be bigger - is smaller than me lol :P Yea it's always hard to take your own advice odd enough lol. This is sort of a response to a question asked earlier today: link It's like if the guy was taller he would be hot!

Do guys like that exist?

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I know in terms of compensation it's gonna be very different because the guy can't change his height. Share Facebook. Have you ever seen a short guy with a handsome face? Add Opinion. I like taller guys ideally, but yeah I've seen guys around that height who are very cute. I can't think off the top of my head of any guys who I think are cute who are also that short.

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I know some not so cute short guys though Yeah I mean 5'4'' - 5'6''. Show All Show Less. But of course I would never say that to anyone. All the time. I love short guys. They usually have better personalities and are funnier and they seem to try harder because they think they have to compensate for being short which is so far from the truth, but please don't tell them that, we like boys who try really hard.

I don't care how tall a guy is, I care about how he makes me feel. NayaAbouzaid Xper 3. I haven't seen the one you asked about tall guys. Tunafish Xper 4. I'm 5'5. Are you talking Tom Cruise short, or Vern Troyer sort?

I'm talking 5'4'' - 5'6'' short. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Why girls see short height in guys as a physical deformity? For women, why is it uncommon for women to compliment men? What can a guy do to receive more compliments from women? At what height does a handsome guy become unattractive? What's wrong with me if no one ever approaches me? Sort Girls First Guys First. I'm 5'9 so he's short to me - but if he asked me out I'd definitely date him. He has such a handsome face, Handsome short men athletic build, and he's so funny Handsome short men cool to talk to.

My preference is for taller guys because I'm so tall for a girl - but guys like that I can make an exception for ha ha. I'm average height, about 5"5. There is nothing about dating a "shorter" guy to me. In fact, most of the guys that I've dated are between 5"7 and at most 5"10, but that's pushing it. I like shorter guys, they have nice builds that complement my body.

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Their faces have always been handsome, love them all! Oh Yeah. My ex had a gorgeous face.

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But he was short, 5'6, i mean considering the men ideal. And I dated with him.

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Yes, my frosh leader was beautiful but terribly short. I may have dated him if he wasn't gay. Yeah, I've seen handsome faces on all sorts of guys. My favorite short guy is Frank Iero. I'm only 5' I'm 5'9" well, five-eight-and-one-half!!! Lyan21 Xper 2. Plenty of guys bro that are short but have great facial aesthetics. Ruzaini Xper 3. Yes, of course. I dated a guy 5'4" and he was handsome to me I am 5'7".

I've seen others as well. Related myTakes. Funny Rant: Chocolate sucks. A little about Venice. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

Handsome short men

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