Freeballing in jeans

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The Freeballers Forum. Freeballing in jeans at work! Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - posts 2 of I have always been a part time freeballer. I am in a position of authority so I've rarely free balled at work. For whatever reason, I've free balled twice this week already at work. I'm considering it tomorrow but I don't want my trousers to give me away. I don't think freeballing and being in a position of authority are mutually exclusive. Don't worry about it. Everyone knows you've Freeballing in jeans a cock. My junk feels better already!

Friday is always freeballing Friday. Started at work in the 90 with a guy named Steve L. We would always contact each other to confirm we were both freeballing! I freeball in jeans at work more often than not. It's great! Jeans were the first clothing item I freeballed in and really the only item I now wear. I have never found them to be uncomfortable in any kind of weather - hot or cold.

They are the most appealing and convenient item of clothing for me to wear. Jeans were initially deed to be worn without underwear. Underwear were luxury items at this time, so not for denim pants which were worker pants. I wore them like that since the very first pair I got in my teens. For me, inside seams are not an issue, whatever non going commando guys or gals may argue about this. I've never worn underwear at work. I usually wear s in the office - they feel great with nothing underneath!

Jeans fit and look better without underwear.

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I know many workers such as miners, farmers, cowboys, and many others do not wear underwear a lot of the time. In the early days I am sure most jeans and trousers were worn without underwear. It is doubtful that any pair of jeans worn by a man are always worn with underwear. Most of my friends when I was young all skipped underwear when we would go swimming and also at many other times. It is no big deal to skip underwear. Underwear has many disadvantages. posts 89 remaining. Tapatalk promotion. Back to top. OK. Choose Display Mode Original Dark.

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