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Log in Register. Search titles only. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Greetings from Ft. Stockton, TX! Thread starter Monello Start date Mar 12, We made it! Worst travel day ever. At least the scenery makes up for the uber pucker factor. Experiencing heavy winds right now. To the west they are getting tornados. Time to batten down the hatches. Crazy day. Winds up to 50mph, so says the weather man.

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It was definitely brutal. I had a hard time driving my car, and Monello in the motorhome pulled over about 30 miles from the RV park because he didn't think he was going to make it. The only reason he forged ahead was because I had already run that gauntlet and assured him that it would get better about 10 miles down. Fortunately Mother Nature didn't make a liar out of me. It sounds like a freight train in here now. We walked Apollo a few minutes ago and I thought I was going to fly him like a kite.

The power keeps going in and out, but more alarming is the way the motorhome is rocking and rolling. Still not as bad as that first storm we encountered in Marathon - I remember well how terrified I was. And then we went through two or three more while we were there. Needless to say, Monello was cranky and starving when he finally got here, so we set up and walked over to the little cafe at the RV park. Their specialty is chicken fried steak, which I'd never eaten before because battered and fried cube steak with gravy on it But I tried it tonight and it was pretty good, although gross and I'll probably never have another one.

It's checked off the list. The drive was gorgeous! Hills and mesas and neat rock formations - I stopped at a rest area and was going to take some pics but the wind was blowing me all over the place. I'm really excited about this season's tripping. We both love it out west - it's just breathtaking wherever you look, it's lightly populated, and the people are laid back and pleasant. I can wear my cowboy hat and practice my Spanish. Quarter to 11 and we just pulled the slide outs in. The wind changed directions on us. Plus it's now raining.

Before the rain the air was full of what I would call sand dust. Walking the dog you had to look down otherwise it would get in your eyes. The winds here have the Florida Keys' wind beat. They aren't as strong but it's relentless. On the ride out there is a whole lot of majestic nothing. The trees aren't more than 10 feet tall. It's all scrubby stuff. All the rivers and creeks that you drive over are dry creek beds.

Now that it is raining, I guess they will have some water in them. Any critter that lives out there has to be quite hardy. Snowflakes need not apply. Yooper Up. On the way. Glad to read you are both safe and sound. Well, Fort stockton forum least safe! Thanks, both, for the trip updates. Always really enjoyable to read of your travels. And psychs up Fort stockton forum me and my wife for our upcoming trip s. Keep safe! And sound! Fair winds and following seas! Isn't that how you Navy folks say it? We didn't take these pictures.

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I want to show what the west Texas scenery along I10 looks like. Miles of open land with scrubby bushes. Towns and exits are few and far between. Yooper said:. Glad you all didn't get blown outta Dodge! Bann said:. Sadly Ft. Stockton isn't 1 of those quaint, dusty towns that we seem to be running into in Texas. They have a few older buildings and some history but nothing to make someone put it on their list of destinations.

I'm not sorry we are here. It's a good midpoint in our trip. We are a stone's throw from the interstate.

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The downtown has a commercial area with pretty much everything we need except Vrai's beloved Walgreens. The campground chatter is all focused on the wind. Each driver has a harrowing tale to tell about the recent winds. Our current neighbor is 81 years old and a full time RV traveler. I can't imagine myself full timing at that age but now that I think of it, why not. This campground is like the tide. Full in the morning. It empties out by noon. Only to be filled up again in the evening.

There are rigs registed from various states. This is truely a crossro destination campground. Another thing I forgot about the west is how dark it gets after the sun goes down. Even in western Maryland, where the population is lower, there is still some light pollution in the evening. Here it's ink black in the evenings. There are no street lights in the campground.

Most campers turn in early so around 11pm you need a flashlight to navigate outside. Even with a half moon high in the sky. Love the roadrunner pic. Now if you could just come up with a coyote pic or something from Acme I would be fulfilled! Fort stockton forum cool! If you visit the [old] fort [site], please give them a salute for me; from one cavalryman to another.

Would appreciate it! I guess, Big Bend? Or onward to another great Army post, Fort Bliss? Safe travels.

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Hope the wind has died down Last edited: Mar 15, Here's the lastest from Fort Stockton. Th only reason there is a Fort Stockton is because this is where the spring flowed out of the ground. Trail travelers and Indians would take their horses there for water. Not much flowing water in this part of Texas. Now due to farming wells, the water only flows in the winter.

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Crop irrigation drops the water table to low for a year round flow today. The good news is that there has NOT been a campground shooting here. There are still a few days left, so it could happen. The mesas round here fascinate me. They look like mountains with their tops cut off. A quick google search confirmed what I suspected. Wind, water and erosion removed the softer earth until it reaches the hardened layers. The eroded layers of dirt are currently blowing all over the place like lost souls. Our vehicles have a layer of fine Texas terra covering them.

Even the cooler we leave outside looks like it's been there for months. Vrai joked with me that she wondered what bad thing would happen to us when we were due to leave Kerrville. Our departure was delayed 2 days due to what turned out to be a loose gas cap. So thanking our lucky stars it wasn't something major. Not an hour after those words Fort stockton forum her lips then we find that the battery on the Jeep was kaput. We quickly jump the Jeep and then head down the road.

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