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New York, York: transplants, living, restaurants User Name Remember Me Password [ Register ] Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Some forums can only be seen by registered members. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced. It seems impossible to find a nice girl in this city. I'm 3 months removed from a 4 year relationship, and i'm starting to realize that I may never find someone nice again. I know my attitude is very cynical, but I'm not the only one who feels this way. Many guys have a hard time finding love in this city, Find love in new york sucks.

I'm not a 'play the field' kind of guy, something has to be meaningful for it to escalate. Anyone have any suggestion on where to meet nice people? Dating is a s game. You have to put yourself in situation where you will meet ladies your age who share your interests, lifestyle, etc. Also, remember that happiness should come from within NOT an external source.

And you need to fix that before you get involve in a relationship. Originally Posted by The Ryu. Originally Posted by Jonathanp It just seems like people in this city are against my morals and values. Everyone my age wants to hook up and just date short term.

I'm a serious kind of guy I don't do short term dating. And being 25 years old and single kind of scares me a little.

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Eventually I want a wife, kids, and to be able to make my mother a grandmother. I just gradated with my bachelors in business, but once I get job I'm going to be immersed in my work. The future just seems a little frighting to me that's all. Originally Posted by livingsinglenyc.

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That's the issue right there. Your only 25 and are looking for a serious girlfriend and talking about being married and having children. I don't know where your originally from but finding a girl who's 25 to settle down may be difficult here. I'd run if I was your age and someone said that. Everyone your age?? Again, where are you meeting these girls? If you want a serious relationship then you should consider trying to meet people in situations that matches your personality. Why such a rush to get a family?

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I have kids and let me tell you its no picnic and once you do it you never go back to your old free lifestyle. If you're putting out this vibe of seriousness and commitment on the first few dates to a girl who barely even knows you then it doesn't surprise me they are getting scared off. You don't need to be super good looking and super rich.

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Generally, women in their 20's are more interested in having fun and novel experiences. Especially in a place like NYC where people come from all over to find new opportunities and discover culture, life, and career.

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Its the 30's when the biological clock starts putting on the pressure. Once a woman gets into her 30's if shes not already married its likely she will start thinking about kids and family and she will be looking at the men she dates as a potential provider and long term partner.

This is why men who want to have the playboy lifestyle want younger girls in their 20's, not just because of their youth and beauty but also because they are more open to fun and adventure and less about commitment. Dating women in their 30's can be tricky because you have to determine whether they like you for you or if they are tired of dating and just see you as "good enough" to be the wallet and sperm donor. The latter is a recipe for cuckoldry and divorce. When people complain that they can never find someone good it usually means 2 things: 1 You need to work on yourself to be good enough to attract a quality partner.

Consider different hobbies which may have people with the same values as you.

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I recommend dancing as that is what worked for me. If you want a family oriented girl your age, maybe try church groups? Consider also different cultures in NYC, some cultures have a lot of kids early example: hispanic while others delay as long as possible and have fewer example: american girls. In my opinion, women who are first generation immigrants not yet infected too much by American feminist culture make the best candidates for a wife if you want to have a family.

Last edited by fmatthew; at PM. I was born and raised in NYC And you would run? I guess that's all I'm ever going to find here, whores and man-whores. And what's later on in life? When their biological clock runs out? The values in this city are appalling. Last edited by Bronxguyanese; at PM. First of all, I'm guessing you're wrong. Probably less emphasis on bodies here. I'm guessing that if you're smart, funny, charming, attentive, and maybe have an interesting job or avocation, you'd do fine.

On the other hand, if you're just coming out of a four-year relationship, most experts agree that you need a little cooling off time of a couple more months. Why don't you start by giving a couple of parties Find love in new york your existing friends, invite some new people, and encourage them to bring some new people?

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How to find love in NYC? New York, York: transplants, living, restaurants. User Name. Remember Me. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with. Search Forums Advanced. Last ยป. Location: New York posts, readtimes Reputation: Advertisements It seems impossible to find a nice girl in this city.

Location: NYC 10, posts, read 6, times Reputation: Quote: Originally Posted by The Ryu try meet-up. Quote: Originally Posted by Jonathanp It just seems like people in this city are against my morals and values.

Quote: Originally Posted by livingsinglenyc That's the issue right there. Location: Bronx 16, posts, read 20, times Reputation: Originally Posted by Jonathanp It seems impossible to find a nice girl in this city. City-Data Forum Message. Cancel Changes.

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