Extremely tall models

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From Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie to model Karlie Kloss — this list is filled with plenty of gorgeous ladies who are totally embracing their height and even rocking some high heels — why not. Keep on scrolling to see which female celebs are probably taller than you thought! Kicking the list off at spot 10 is actress Gwendoline Christie. Out of all the celebs on the list, Gwendoline is definitely one of the tallest with her height being 6'3''.

Next on the list is a lady who is actually tied on this list with Gwendoline Christie when it comes to the title of the tallest female star.

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Just like Gwendoline, Elizabeth also embraces her height and struts proudly across red carpets in her high heels! One of them is Karlie Kloss who is actually 6'2'' and has had plenty of success in the modeling industry. Next on the list is yet another lady who is just as tall as model Karlie Kloss — 6'2''. Reality television star and retired Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete Caitlyn Jenner is also one extremely tall celeb and just like all of the ladies on this list. After all, being a few inches taller can never really be a Extremely tall models thing!

Another very tall lady that has made it onto this list is actress Ava Michelle. Ava may not be as famous as some of the ly mentioned women but those who are fans of the reality television show Dance Moms probably remember her as she was on it in season three and four.

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Also, Ava starred as the lead character in the Netflix comedy movie Tall Girl and as everyone can already guess — the movie is about the struggles of being a really tall girl. Another famous and really tall female celebrity is Czech-American businesswoman and former model Ivana Trump. Yes, most know Ivana as the first wife of Donald Trump and with a height of 6'0,'' she certainly is one tall lady. As many probably already know, her daughter Ivanka Trump is also pretty tall with a height of 5'11'', however, she is not tall enough to make it onto this list!

Let's move on to yet another Hollywood star that is surprisingly very tall. Besides being a very successful actress, Brooke Shields has also dabbled into modeling when she was younger and as a teenager, she even did an ad campaign for Calvin Klein.

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Actress Jane Lynch — who is best known for her role as Sue Sylvester in the Fox musical comedy show Glee — is also one very tall lady. Just like Ivana and Brooke, Jane is also 6'0'' tall but that did not stop her from becoming a staple name in Hollywood.

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Maiselas well as Two and a Half Men. Another famous lady who is 6'0'' tall is fashion deer, model, and reality television star Kimora Lee Simmons. Kimora started her career as a Chanel model at the young age of 13 — and later on, she modeled for brands such as friendly Christian Dior, Roberto Cavalli, and Yves Saint Laurent. As Kimora's fans already know, over the years she became quite an entrepreneur by creating her own clothing, fragrance, jewelry, and cosmetics lines.

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Wrapping the list up is yet another model — this time we're talking about Jourdan Dunn. Just like Karlie Kloss, Jourdan is also quite tall — even for model standards. Since then, Jourdan became staple in the modeling industry with plenty of gorgeous magazine covers and clothing brand campaigns!

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Extremely tall models

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