Depression caused by break up

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Depression after a breakup can be a profoundly painful experience. Read below for tips from a psychologist on how to navigate this struggle. When does normal sadness after a breakup turn into clinical depression? How long you feel depressed after a breakup often depends on the length of the relationship. This illustrates an important principle in human psychology: How you think about an event influences how you feel about it. You can use this principle to your advantage — after a breakup, we can practice thinking in ways that will helpful.

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Sometimes depression lingers for a long time after a breakup. In these cases, it is good to consult with a therapist. Depression is a problem to be taken seriously. If you feel depressed most of the time and it meaningfully interferes with your life, seek professional help.

Perhaps the hardest part of romantic relationships happens when you encounter one of the most unpleasant emotions there is: rejection. Having said that, some people react better to rejection than others. Feeling rejected during a breakup can trigger feelings of despair or worthlessness. Sometimes these feelings lead to anger or depression. Often, letting these emotions run their course is the healthiest thing you can do. Rejection stings. Sometimes it shakes you to your core. When it happens in the context of your love life, it can lead you to think that no one will ever want to be with you or that there is something profoundly wrong or lacking in you.

There are few experiences in life more dispiriting. However, there are a few strategies that are often helpful.

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Emotions are an important part of what is to be human — they help shape our interior lives. They are also temporary! Feelings of rejection are no exception. So remember that given enough time, even feelings of rejection will pass. Change is inevitable. Mindfulness practice is the best way I know to get better at not getting sucked into emotions like despair, anger, or sadness that sometimes come up around the end of a romantic relationship.

Mindfulness practice, done properly, is no small undertaking. It requires real commitment to working with your mind in a certain wayon a daily basis. Marijuana, alcohol, Klonopin, Xanax, and similar drugs can feel very tempting when we are experiencing feelings of rejection, despair, or loneliness.

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Indeed, they are likely to provide some short-term relief. However, the medium- and long-term consequences of using these substances can be counterproductive and will deprive us of the opportunity to experience the natural dissolution of these difficult feelings. Often, there are a lot of reasons to be angry after a breakup. However, sometimes anger is something we go to in order to escape sadness or to avoid doubts we have about our appeal as a romantic partner.

In a temporary way, anger is effective in distracting you from underlying emotions and doubts. A healthier strategy is often to face those doubts and emotions directly, even if they hurt. There is value in letting yourself feel hurt or sad and experiencing how temporary that can be.

If you can learn to address your doubts and tolerate these emotions, anger will often lose its appeal. Breakups can lead to many different feelings. When a breakup le to symptoms of depression, remember the strategies described here and maybe you can make things a little easier on yourself. Address. Greene, Ph. Address Subscribe. Related posts from manhattanCBT. Recent Tweets Tweets by anxietyocd.

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Depression caused by break up

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