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In response to a recent news story, usually about misconduct, Conan speaks at length about his moral outrage, and his Conan travels blind dating of responsibility to remove this type of behavior from society; meanwhile, the camera occasionally makes brief cuts from Conan to Max.

Conan may also speak of a dim-witted accomplice who aids the deviant in his exploits, after which the camera briefly cuts from Conan to LaBamba. Finally, Conan urges the public to expose such people using the show's address which, together with the heading "Shameless Adulterous Weasel" or the like, is superimposed over Max. The sketch is typically performed with Richter participating, but after Richter left Late Nightthe celebrity guest would participate when Richter was scheduled as a guest, he would again take part.

Each guest version would usually be titled "The [guest's surname ] Edition" with "2. Inthe naming format was changed to simply "The [guest's name] Edition". Its introduction is as follows:. Conan: " It's time, once again, to look into the future. Let's look to the future, all the way to the year ! During an "In the Year " sketch, O'Brien, Andy or the guest, as well as band member Richie "LaBamba" Rosenbergeach wears a black robe and futuristic-looking collar and hold a lit flashlight to their face.

Between La Bamba's high falsetto wails of "In the year Quite commonly, the second-to-last prediction involves Conan mocking his guest, while the last prediction involves the guest mocking Conan in return. The sketch was created prior to the actual yearbut the show's writers decided to keep the named year the same even after the passing of that year, in a sort of ironic twist. However, when the sketch was revived on The Tonight Show with Conan O'BrienRichter heaped ridicule upon O'Brien for failing to update the name of the skit nine years after the year had passed.

The sketch is renamed "In the Year ", with the black robe referred to as a "ratty smock" by Richter being replaced with a more futuristic-looking outfit consisting of a large metallic collar with a series of blinking lights, which Conan said were very expensive to make and Andy said smelled bad.

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The open to the sketch included narration by William Shatner and, on one occasion, George Takei. In this sketch, Conan has supposedly sent out questionnaires to celebrities and he re their replies. Conan re a question and then recites the answer that each of three celebrities gave.

The answers of the first two celebrities are ordinary "straight" answers. The third is the gag answer and Conan travels blind dating relates to something unseemly about the celebrity. For example, to the question: "I like to think of my viewers as people who Simpson somehow referring to committing murder. To the question: "My favorite time of day is Simpson wrote: "Murder O'Clock. O'Brien and bandleader Max Weinberg have been used as well, with answers that perceive O'Brien as a loser and Max as a pervert. Conando Conan with a fake mustache is the hero of the piece, fighting mild villains to save the beautiful damsel in distressusually from an abusive boyfriend or entering into a forced marriagein most episodes.

Quite often the sketch would include ridiculous phrases which you would not often use in daily conversation, but are common in Spanish-learning texts. Also, on occasion, the sketch would include long and complicated speeches which are obviously and extremely voiced-over. Also, on occasion, the sketches would include long and complicated speeches which Conan himself would rapidly read off cue cards with the speed, grammar mistakes, pronunciation and agility of an advanced level high school Spanish student.

Reintroduced on Tonight June 8,and performed many times on TonightRichter is introduced as Conando's sidekick Nachito, who always shows up when Conando is about to make love to the damsel, thus spoiling the romantic mood. In one sketch, the damsel did not end up with Conando but rather Mario Lopez. Conan awards members of the studio audience for various talents. Typically this will always include "best celebrity impression" to highlight lookalikes as in movie castingand then a variety of other awards which are achieved with props and superimposed images.

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Awards show intermission segments red carpet, how the award is built, etc. Reintroduced on Tonight June 16,and later reintroduced again on Conan on June 21, A fictitious new made-for-TV movie is announced, based on a real-life event Conan has mentioned. Conan then says he has the inside scoop on the movie's casting.

Viewers are shown two photos side-by-side of a person or thing who will be portrayed in the movie and the person that will be playing the role. The casting first starts off with people who strikingly resemble the person they are playing but then goes off to extremes with, usually, objects or fictitious characters bearing some resemblance to the person they are playing.

Running gags include President George W. As Conan speaks on a recent news story dealing with race, the camera cuts to bassist Mike Merrittas the audience hears his inner thoughts regarding Conan's lack of knowledge on racial issues and his attempt at "trying to be black. Conan travels blind dating would off by calling Conan a "pasty-faced pumpkin head", just before Conan finishes his speech by saying, " Reintroduced on Tonight July 7,with Conan travels blind dating commenting on that day's memorial service for Michael Jackson.

Has been seen on Conan on TBS as well. Conan says he has "connections" which allow him to show "New" fake state quartersEuros or commemorative stamps. The stamps are usually states based on people or current events. The state quarters insult the state they are based on, and the Euros insult the country they are based on. Conan, Max, and announcer Joel Godard have recently had a party and Conan displays the ridiculous and fictional events of this party. These events typically include heavy drinking and rather gory violence or homicide on the part of one or the entire cast.

Towards the end of the bit they are always ed by a celebrity, played by an actor with a superimposed picture of the celebrity at hand. Reintroduced on Tonight July 21,featuring only Conan and Andy, and their trip to the beach. During the writers' strike, O'Brien interviewed various members of his production staff, including associate producer Jordan Schlansky.

O'Brien asked Schlansky about his feelings on working for O'Brien, his skill with a bullwhip, his appreciation for the band Rushand his healthy eating habits. During the interview O'Brien found Schlansky to be totally unfazed by his boss's jokes or antics, reacting to most with a stoic demeanor. At the end of the segment, O'Brien thanked Schlansky, commenting, "I can't believe you're a real person. O'Brien and a realtor helped Schlansky find a house, with O'Brien again trying unsuccessfully to provoke an emotional reaction from Schlansky. Throughout subsequent sketches O'Brien would make more pointed criticisms of Schlansky's various tastes and lifestyle.

Conan and Andy review movies released in cinemas around the time of the sketch's original airing.

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Conan and Andy usually comments on a negative quality which is either fictitious or exaggerated by an edited scene he then shows as proof. For example, when Conan was reviewing Jurassic Park IIIhe mentioned that the movie had scenes that were disgusting and weird. A scene then appeared where a couple ran and were surprised by a dinosaur which opened its mouth to roar. Late Night edited the couple's lost child into the dinosaur's mouth, and the child says "hello" to the parents.

The sketch occasionally reviewed TV shows. For example, Conan poked fun at the then-new television series Viva Laughlin claiming the producers missed some key als of the show's poor quality. A clip of the show featuring one of its musical s appeared interspersed with footage of a "crew member" who, horrified at how terrible the show is, suddenly activates a TNT detonator and the scene switches to stock footage of an imploding building. During the monologue or opening segment, O'Brien mentions a big news item and says Brian McCann is on the scene and cuts to him via a "remote feed", which is actually McCann standing in front of a greenscreen backdrop.

McCann gives an increasingly absurd report that involves a variety of gags, such as the backdrop turning into a slideshow Conan travels blind dating various landmarks as he attempts to convince O'Brien that he is taking a tour. At one point McCann is seen wearing a pants suit and blond wig in a report about Hillary Clinton.

Throughout the sketch McCann becomes increasingly frustrating to O'Brien, who wanders off his set and shows up on McCann's screen and knocks him unconscious with a breakaway chair. The camera angle shifts to show the green screen was right next to Conan's set. As McCann is revealed to be faking unconsciousness, O'Brien then derides his acting and wonders if he will lie there for the rest of the bit.

But at the end, the interviewees come out, partially hiding themselves, but only to reveal that it is actually Pierre Bernard. Then O'Brien would knock out McCann with an object.

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Instead, McCann just walked out of his shot and into O'Brien's a running gag in the satellite interview sketchfollowed by Bernard, who portrayed the Obama family off screen, and an elderly man playing Brett Favrewho appeared earlier in the broadcast. Trumpeter Mark Pender is invited by Conan to sing a song about a current event. Pender begins normally, but upon reaching the refrain, he loses control, or he would intentionally climb over the railing into the audience, eventually writhing around on the floor within the top of his voice shouting "baby" over and over again until Conan finally stops him.

The rhythm of the song is typically the same, with different lyrics each time. A melodramatic villain played by Brian Stackthe Interrupter constantly interrupts Conan by finishing his sentences for him, always Conan travels blind dating exactly what Conan is going to say, even when it's denigrating to the Interrupter himself.

He appeared in a black cape, purple ruffled shirt, long black hair and a handlebar mustache. Occasionally, if the sketch runs long enough, the roles will eventually become reversed, with the Interrupter starting sentences and Conan doing the interrupting. Eventually, the sketches evolved so that the first celebrity guest, and O'Brien himself, would replace the Interrupter as the one interrupting. Reintroduced on Tonight on September 3, and reprised for Stack's final show on Conan on April 2, Conan and Max make small talk about a particular subject.

The result is usually that both Max and Conan, bantering back and forth, end up going into extreme detail or citing obscure people and events.

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Once they have exhausted the subject, Max stops and says, "Wow, Conan! Talking about this subject sure is interesting", to which Conan enthusiastically responds, "It sure is, Max! Reintroduced on November 23, when Max returned from his tour with Bruce Springsteen. The topic of the first return sketch was soccer. Conan's bit takes regular newspaper and stories and adds blatantly fake text; for example, an ad depicting a leather living room couch was modified to include a cartoon cow exclaiming, "How's my ass feel, you son of a bitch?

Conan and Max converse about a current event or person, with Conan asking leading questions to which Max replies incorrectly, but in great detail in an attempt to appear knowledgeable. Usually, this is initiated when Conan introduces a person who is famous for some accomplishment but not necessarily widely recognizable. Max will claim to recognize the person and perhaps claim to be a long-time friend or acquaintance of the individual.

Conan then catches Max in the lie, stating "I made it up just to make a fool out of you! Max replies "Well, I guess I know what's coming Occasionally, the roles will be reversed, and Conan will be "stamped". Other stamps are often used to abruptly punctuate various one-off sketches, including words such Conan travels blind dating "Alone", "Liar", "Sad", and "Small Penis".

Otherwise, these sketches bear no particular resemblance to the standard recurring "Ass Stamp" sketch.

Conan travels blind dating

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