Bus schedule bangkok to chiang mai

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Travelling by bus is faster than the train and there are many bus companies to choose from, with various classes and ticket prices, including 1st Class, Express, VIP If you decide to travel by bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, you should make sure that you are leaving from the right bus terminal.

At the bus station, the ticket selling counters for bus from Mo Chit to Chiang Mai are located outside on the 1st floor ground floor. At first it can be quite confusing as there are so many different bus companies to choose from. To make it simple you should know that basically all these companies offer the same kind of services:.

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To get more detailed information timetables, fares In Chiang Mai you will arrive at, or depart from the Arcade Bus Stationwhich is the long distance bus station located a few kilometres east of the "Old City". The station is divided in 2 distinctive terminals 2 and 3 which stand only a few metres apart, with a road running in between them. Below you will find some detailed information about three different bus companies that we have used in the past and that offer bus services to and from Mo Chit in Bangkok to Chiang Mai Arcade Bus Station.

At Mo Chit outside on the 1st floor The Transport Company has a huge orange stand spreading from counter 23 to counter You can also book your tickets by phoning their call centres: Phone: pay and collect your tickets using your ref. Phone: pay and collect your tickets using your ref. To know more about The Transport Company contact their call centre at or go to their website partially in English :. Find the best places to stay in Chiang Mai.

It leaves every Friday and Sunday at To know more go to www. This is another private bus company and our favourite because of its modern bus fleet, its punctuality and safety standards. Tickets can be bought up to 30 days in advance at their ticket selling counter at Mo Chit Bus Terminal ground floor outside counter 22A.

You can also purchased your Bangkok to Chiang Mai bus tickets directly at the Nakhonchai Air small station which is located along Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road about 1. Actually, you can also board your bus there, as all their buses leave from this small station first and then make a stop at the nearby Mo Chit Bus Terminal to pick up more passengers before leaving for Chiang Mai.

Tickets can also be purchased by phoning their call centre: at least 12 hours before departure time. If you choose to buy your Bangkok to Chiang Mai bus tickets at one of the travel agencies found in Bangkok, you will obviously have to pay an extra charge.

Considering that it is quite easy and cheap to go to the Northern Bus Terminal on your own, we don't really advise you to go through a travel agent. Bus schedule bangkok to chiang mai you purchase your tickets at one of the Khaosan Road travel agencies, there are a few things that you should know about these tourist buses: - Khao San Road bus fares can be cheaper than in Mo Chit, but you will travel in a run-down double-decker bus with other foreign tourists no Thai people.

Many people still however use them, as they are cheap and they leave from the Koh San Road where many foreigners stay. Mo Chit Bus Terminal. Arcade Bus Station Terminal 3. Bus arriving at Arcade Bus Station. Powered by 12Go Asia system. Seats inside The Transport Company 2nd Class bus.

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The Transport Company counters at Mo Chit. Sombat Tour Bus. B udget to Luxury. Read reviews. Compare room rates. Sombat counters. Nakhonchai Air Bus. Inside a First Class bus. Nakhonchai Air counters at Mo chit. Nakhonchai Air small station.

Bus schedule bangkok to chiang mai

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How to Travel on the Bangkok to Chiang Mai Bus