Blood tests drug screening

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Thank you for shopping our drug and alcohol blood and urine tests. A drug and alcohol screening may be necessary for pre-employment or a variety of other reasons. Don't be surprised by the. Get yourself or a loved one tested today. Our convenient substance screening services offer fast, accurate and confidential. Choose between a wide variety of blood and urine tests that detect alcohol, tobacco, and illegal substances such as cannabinoids and opiates in the body.

For an overall assessment, choose one of our drug monitoring panels and save! Please choose LC or QD to complete your order. If you prefer to receive a kit by mail for specimen collection, please see our Home Test Kits.

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LC and QD tests must be ordered separately. Are you still there?

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Home Drug and Alcohol Tests Thank you for shopping our drug and alcohol blood and urine tests. More Info. Urine testing can typically detect drug use going back several days but the detection period will vary depending on a of factors. A Pregnenolone Blood Test measures the level of pregnenolone in your blood. Serotonin Blood Test The Serotonin Blood Test is ordered to help diagnose and monitor treatment for a serotonin-secreting carcinoid tumor.

Carbohydrate-deficient Transferrin CDT Blood Test CDT testing can be an effective tool for the early diagnosis of chronic alcohol misuse, for the detection of patients addicted to alcohol, and for the follow-up of treatment and diagnosis of alcohol relapse. It is used in the dose adjustment and to ensure that carbamazepine levels remain within an acceptable range.

Phenytoin Dilantin Blood Test The Phenytoin Test is used to test for phenytoin, which is useful in generalized tonic-clonic, complex partial, and simple partial seizures and frequently is chosen for initial therapy, particularly in adults. A Nicotine and Metabolite Urine Test is the measurement of nicotine and its metabolites to monitor success of smoking cessation programs, detect passive exposure, and evaluate nontobacco nicotine exposure.

The Nicotine and Expanded Metabolites Blood Test is used for the measurement Blood tests drug screening nicotine and its metabolites to monitor the success of smoking cessation programs, detect passive exposure, and evaluate nontobacco nicotine exposure. Lamotrigine Blood Test The lamotrigine blood test is used in monitoring serum concentration of lamotrigine, assessing compliance, and adjusting lamotrigine dose in patients receiving other anticonvulsant drugs which interact pharmacokinetically with lamotrigine.

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The AspirinWorks Test Kit is an enzyme-linked immunoassay ELISA to determine levels of dehydrothromboxane B2 11dhTxB2 in human urine, which aids in the qualitative detection of aspirin effect in apparently healthy individuals post ingestion. Nortriptyline Serum Test The Nortriptyline Serum Test measures the levels of nortriptyline, a drug used to treat major depression and bipolar disorders. Phenobarbital Serum Test A Phenobarbital Serum Test for phenobarbital, a long-acting barbiturate, which is effective in generalized tonic-clonic and simple partial seizures.

Anabolic Steroids, Screen and Confirmation, Urine This test is used to detect the presence of anabolic steroids. Salicylate Aspirin Serum Test A Salicylate Test to detect Salicylate overdose, to help evaluate its severity and monitor its resolution; sometimes to monitor for an overdose if you regularly use prescription-strength salicylates. Methadone Blood Test The methadone blood test is used to detect and monitor for the presence of methadone. It is used as a way to confirm compliance with methadone treatment. This is a tolerance test, not an allergy test.

Antidepressant Drug Profile Urine Test The antidepressant drug profile urine test checks for the presence of antidepressant drugs in the urine. Tramadol Serum Blood Test Tramadol testing is used to confirm or identify suspected drug toxicity of Tramadol which is used for relief of moderate to Blood tests drug screening pain. Tramadol, Screen Only, Urine Test The tramadol urine test is used to detect the presence of tramadol. It is useful for monitoring compliance of utilization and also the detection of the illicit use of the drug.

Amiodarone Blood Test The amiodarone test measures the amount of amiodarone in blood. If you have an with us, please log in. Address. Today's Offers.

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Blood tests drug screening

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