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A white couple call the police on me, a person of color, for stencilling a BLM chalk message on my own front retaining wall. Over the weekend, Alexander went from enjoying a high-society life as an entrepreneur and celebrity style influencer to the latest example of a Karen. Like other recent Karens, Alexander has been extensively dragged on Twitter.

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After users quickly identified her and her company, the former model is dealing with serious, life-changing consequences in terms of her work and reputation. The killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police has not only sparked protests over police violence, it has launched a national conversation about entrenched racism and social inequality. As part of that conversation, people are keying into the tone-deaf or hypocritical responses from rich and famous celebrities who once seemed immune or invulnerable to criticism.

This cultural moment also has seen the proliferation of the Karen meme, which quickly became attached to Alexander.

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To some, though, the term has prompted discussions about misogyny and about why women are being singled out in this way, the Atlantic added. If so, what is the male equivalent?

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One of the most incendiary recent so-called Karen incidents occurred on Memorial Day, the day George Floyd died in Minneapolis. Markle is now in the position of having to distance herself from a close friend whose children participated in her royal wedding — and two weeks after she delivered a moving speech about the death of Floyd, Black Lives Matters and the civil unrest rocking America. In the aftermath, Alexander has reportedly deleted her Twitterand the website for La Face is no longer running. Birchbox, a former distributor of her skincare line, announced it had cut ties with her brand and would not work with it again in the future.

Moreover, on Monday morning, wealth management firm Raymond James announced that it had fired Larkins. In her apology, Alexander lamented the damage caused by her actions. Things To Do Entertainment. Report an error Policies and Standards.

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Woman in SF Video Apologizes for Confronting Homeowner Over BLM Chalk Message