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Trying to find true love using dating apps that focus on swiping is close to impossible. Sure, good looks is always a plus, but what women really want is someone they can connect with on a deeper level. Apps like Tinder and Bumble are so played out at this point, and can seem useless for those looking for something more meaningful than getting played into a quick hook-up. Now, women can take better control of — and bring some new excitement to — their dating lives by using the Catch, the new dating app that matches women with men based on their personalities.

The Catch emphasizes on the gaming aspect of the dating game, allowing women to feel like they are starring in their own episode of The Bachelorette hey, if it worked for Kaitlyn, it could work for us!

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I wanted personality. Here's how the Catch works: the woman is presented with four "contestants" that are picked as a potential match based on their information from Facebook and any additional info they provide on their. The user then chooses three questions to ask her suitors.

The men's answers remain anonymous so that they are picked based on what the woman feels is the most compatible personality. This also means men won't be rejected solely on how they look.

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Who better than to serve as an adviser during the app's development than former Bachelorette contestant Chris Bukowski? With his experience with competing against other men to win the heart of a woman, plus his passion for apps and the digital space, it seems like the perfect fit.

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I've used Tinder for a bit, but it wasn't for me," Bukowski told Tech Times. The Catch gives the female control in ways to really bring out personalities in different men and maybe go out on a date with someone that actually has a personality, some kind of character behind them and someone who they actually would want to go on a date with. After getting the answers, the user narrows it down until she finds her winner. The users can then privately chat in hopes that they will set up a date. Who's getting a rose, who's not getting a rose, so you better come up with your best answer or else you won't get that date," Bukowski said.

Guys are competitive, they are going to bring their A-game, so you're going to want to take the time to answer in detail.

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Good thing, since there is already a waiting list for users who are looking to be part of the next wave of roll-outs. I just feel like everyone is so into being on their phones, and romance has faded a little bit because of it," he said. Facebook facebook Twitter twitter Reddit reddit Comment.

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